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649 7 lotto super

Canada - Home to the 649 7 lotto super.

Although lotto in its various forms has spread all around the world, the two popular variants of this fascinating game, namely super lotto 7 and lotto 649 have become ingrained into the lives of countless Canadian citizens. Here are some interesting facts about the 649 7 lotto super.

Both the variants form part of the National Canadian Lottery and are also played in the provincial regions such as British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and the Western and Atlantic regions. Many of these provinces also conduct their own drawings where results are declared to ticket holders. Provinces such as Ontario also have daily draws for games such as Ontario 49, Daily Keno, Encore and Winner Take All.

In Lotto Super 7, you will have to pay $2 for a ticket and will need to select 7 numbers ranging from 1 to 47. You can also choose the Quick Pick option where the computer will choose those 7 numbers for you. The lottery terminal will also automatically choose another 2 sets of 7 numbers each for you, thus giving you 3 chances to win. An extra payment of $1 will also allow you to choose an additional set of 7 numbers, thus increasing the likelihood of winning to a greater extent. You will now need to hold your breath until Friday evening when the results are declared. During the draw, 7 numbers are drawn along with an additional bonus number. If all your 7 numbers match with the results then you could well be on your way to becoming an instant millionaire. If 6 of your numbers match with the drawn numbers and the 7th number matches with the bonus number, then too you will be eligible for a large prize, but the amount would be lower than that of the jackpot. Similarly you will be able to win various prizes until you match 3 numbers.

Similarly, lotto 649 now also costs $2, but in this game you will need to choose 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49, hence the name 649. You can also play up to 5 games on a single pay slip costing $10. Results are drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday and in this case 6 numbers along with a single bonus number are drawn. If all 6 numbers match to your ticket, then you can immediately begin any dance of your choice since if you are the only winner, then you would be guaranteed of a minimum prize of $4 million. Similarly, matching 5 numbers along with the bonus number will also ensure a very high amount second only to the jackpot. You can even win $5 if you manage to match 2 numbers and the bonus number with the results.

Canada’s various provinces too have many common and different days on which they declare their lotto results. These games of chance and a little bit of skill and stories of successful winners over the years have inspired many Canadians and even others around the world to try their luck at winning the jackpot.

Thus, out of the many variations of the lottery, the 649 7 lotto super is still going great and with the jackpot values rising over the years, many people are trying their very best to lay their hands on it.

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