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Many people often wonder that lottery and lotto are two different systems. However there is no difference between 649 lottery and 649 lotto. 649 lottery lotto is one and the same and it’s just the personal preference that makes people call it lotto or lottery. In the US it is generally called lottery and in the UK it is called lotto.

The United States, however, has several different forms of lotteries such Mega Millions, Powerball and many other variations. Some states have their very own lotteries like the South Dakota lottery, the New Jersey lottery or the Delaware lottery. It can be safely said that lottery is big business in the US and it also called the country of lotteries. Almost every state has its own peculiar lottery or variations of what we commonly refer to as lotto.

Lotteries are called lotto mainly in European countries like England, Spain, Ireland and certain South American countries like Brazil, and Mexico. Both lotto and lottery are pool games in which you select six numbers from 1 – 49. It can be considered a game of luck, however if you use certain well defined strategies you can dramatically improve your chances of winning sizeable amounts of money.

There are many computer software programs available that claim to predict the most likely winning combinations. There is also any number of mathematical models that amateurs have designed that claim to increase your chances of winning manifold and then there are proven strategies like playing in syndicate.

No matter which method you choose it is recommended that you play responsibly and most important have fun while doing so. If you happen to win a jackpot remember that you were chosen by that higher power to spend it wisely. You will be in an enviable position to do tremendous amount of good to your family, friends, and to your community so use the money you win responsibly.

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