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649 lotto numbers

When you invest in lotto and draw 649 lotto numbers, remember you are doing it for fun. You may have a one in billion chance of getting the combination right but this should not take the fun out of the gamble. There should be no guilt either as you will be paying a tax. If you try several mathematical models you are going to be disappointed as till date no one has been able to crack the code. Even if you are able to crack it and decode the winning combination before every game you would require millions of dollars worth tickets to hit the jackpot. Anyone with this kind of money would surely consider playing the lotto a waste of time. There are several methods being peddled on the internet but rest assured that none of these so called ground breaking methods are supported by science.

Just rely on some simple facts and play the game to derive some thrill out of it; and if you hit the jackpot consider yourself the luckiest man/woman walking on this planet at that point in time. One thing is for sure to win you still have to play without playing you can never win. However you may play with certain strategies to improve your odds.

The best strategy is to obtain the historical data of past winning numbers and try to identify at least 15 numbers that have been drawn most frequently. Once you have these 14 or 15 numbers you may start making combinations of six numbers you think that are most likely to be drawn. Once you have a set of five or six combinations kneel down pray and go ahead buy the ticket. Jokes apart since you have already done the hard work of zeroing in on the most frequently drawn numbers the chances of you winning small prizes goes up considerably apart from improving your odds of hitting the jackpot.

Lets assume you get three correct numbers its still some income that can finance your next game, if you get four correct may be you can have a good weekend plus buy a few more tickets the next time you decide to play, if you are lucky and manage to get five correct numbers your mortgage is history; but if you are the blessed one and hit the jackpot. Well, you will never have to report to work, at least in this lifetime.

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