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649 lotto winning numbers

How to ace the 649 lotto winning numbers?

In principle 649 lotto seems to be a very easy game to win. All you need to do is to simply choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and these numbers become your 649 lotto winning numbers if they match the drawn numbers. However, in reality the ratio changes dramatically if you want all your 6 numbers to match with the winning numbers. This is what makes lotto a frighteningly exhilarating game.

But simply choosing numbers is not enough. You need to formulate a strategy that will increase not only your chances of winning but also your chances of winning a larger amount than others. The computer that decides the winning numbers is programmed to choose random numbers from across the groups. Hence, you should not restrict your numbers to the lower half or upper half of 49 but instead should try to spread your numbers around. You can also try your luck by buying multiple tickets and trying out different strategies between them. Each extra ticket you buy increases your chances of winning 3, 4, 5 or even all 6 numbers.

You can also amplify the chances of success by entering into a 649 lotto pool with other people that could include your friends or family. By pooling all your tickets together you can definitely increase the rate of success, although you will also have to share the spoils with other pool members if you own the winning ticket. There are also some combinations that you should definitely avoid if you truly want to strike gold. For example, you should avoid betting in multiples of certain numbers. You should also avoid betting only on odd or even numbers. Consecutive numbers too are a strict no-no. The chances of winning a full jackpot based on past jackpot numbers too are extremely slim to be even considered. Numbers based on geometric designs such as rectangles or squares too might prove to be lucky but you will have to share your winnings with others that have followed the same route.

If you are betting on the birth dates of your loved ones, make sure to also include higher numbers since you might only end up choosing numbers between 1 and 31 and greatly reduce your chance of winning. A big plus of choosing random numbers and a greater number of tickets is that you will be in tune with the computer’s logic process. However, please play these games only with money that you can afford instead of diverting money that should be used of essential items and services.

There are many software programs available over the Internet that claim to help players choose the right numbers. Check them out before you decide on the one that matches well with your own strategy. No program can guarantee a jackpot, but many of them can certainly increase your chances of winning a neat packet.

Thus, by buying more tickets, sticking to well-spread random numbers and forming a lotto pool, you could seriously stand a chance of winning some serious money. If lady luck smiles upon you, then all the 649 lotto winning numbers could actually match with the 6 numbers that you have chosen. Good luck.

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