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If you have been playing lotto for quite some time and are increasingly getting frustrated at not winning substantial prize money, well you are not alone and there are many like you who just can’t figure out the winning lotto 649 numbers. The reason is simple; you have not been following a set strategy in picking your numbers. There are many who believe that the system is rigged and that the lottery corporation has a super data base that enables the lottery corporation to choose the winning numbers that no one has played.

This type of accusation was leveled when lotto 649 was first introduced and it has happened in almost all countries where lotto is currently being played. The fact that in spite of such accusations being made a great majority of people still play lotto and many have become millionaires overnight. The popularity of lotto stems from the fact that for a nominal fee of $2 you have a chance of winning the mega jackpot and the very thought of making that kind of many brings people in droves whenever the jackpot is carried over for more than a few weeks. Lotto is a game of chance but certain strategies can help you identify numbers that are most likely to be drawn and thus improve your chances of winning.

So take control and pick your lotto 649 number carefully. First thing that you should do is never pick all odd or even numbers. Always have good mixture of odd and even numbers. It has been noted from historical records that a winning combination of all odd or even numbers has been drawn less than 1%. It has also been noted that 3 odds and 3 even numbers have been drawn the most times, almost 33% of all the winning combinations. Never pick a set of numbers that have been drawn earlier, remember to pick at least one number from the previous draws as the chance of one number form the earlier draw reappearing in the subsequent draw is very high. Never draw all your numbers from 1 – 25 or 26 – 49. Your combination should have numbers from all the ranges like tens, twenties, thirties and forties.

Another important tip is that the sum of all your numbers should be between 121 and 200. Past winning combination clearly indicate that the sum of numbers between 121 and 140 were drawn 20% of the time, sum of numbers between 141 and 160 24% of the time, sum of numbers between 161 and 180 21% of the time and between 181 and 200 12% of the time.

These are just some of the things you may use when you buy your next ticket.

Good Luck.

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