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Many people are wondering the exact percentage of quick picks among lotto 649 winners. It is assumed by most that somehow quick picks have a greater chance of winning the jackpot than numbers drawn ordinarily. There is also a belief that some of the lotto 649 winners are using a software program to zero in on the winning number.

Let us deal with the assumption that lotto 649 winners are helped by some kind of software program. The thing to consider is that people are so much leveraged in their day to day life that they would not think twice before using any artificial aid to get the winning combination. This has made software programs very popular and more and more people are using different types of software program available online to make it big. What has worked to the advantage of these software programs is that as the number of users of these programs goes up the chances that one of the users getting the right combination increases dramatically, further fueling the demand for such programs.

As for quick picks here is an interesting bit of information. Recently a Canadian paper reveled that 48% of people playing lotto 649 prefer quick picks. This means that almost half all those who bet on 649 prefer the quick pick route. However, only 20% of the winning tickets are quick picks. 80% of all winning numbers are drawn individually and independently. Quick picks is for lazy lumps who do not want to spend time in getting the winning combination using their mental faculties. There are other players who assume that they can be lotto 649 winners by using their children’s birthdates, wedding anniversaries, etc. There are some players who have been playing the same set of numbers for decades hoping that these particular numbers will eventually show up. In reality the chances of these numbers showing up is the same as any other set of numbers as the lottery has no memory of previous numbers.

The only way for you to join the elite list of lotto 649 winners is by using a combination of strategies that include zeroing in on select group of numbers that frequently appear or by joining a syndicate. You will need to study the past winning combinations and narrow down your set of numbers that regularly appear in the winning draws and play several combinations of these numbers.

This way you will not spend huge amounts on quick picks and will have a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. Even if you do not hit the jackpot you can earn small prizes that will enable you to play frequently till you actually win the jackpot.

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