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Lotto Quebec 649

Lotto Quebec is entrusted to operate the public lottery in Quebec. Apart form the lottery operations it also operates three casinos and restaurants and hotels. Lotto Quebec has interests in video lottery network, which includes two gaming halls known as ludoplex. It also oversees the operation of the bingo network. It has developed considerable expertise in lottery operations and is a big exporter of lottery related products to the international markets. It is also the third largest casino operator in France.

Lotto Quebec was formed in 1969 with a primary goal of operating the public lottery systematically. Over the years lotto Quebec has diversified and controls several activities that are mandated by the government. Some of the other areas of operation include casinos, restaurants, hotels, gaming halls named Ludoplex, bingo and a video lottery network. Lotto Quebec has been very successful in all its commercial operations and is a fine corporate citizen which fulfils all its social responsibilities. The corporation runs active programs that constantly combat gambling addiction and promotes healthy gambling. It is no surprise that Quebecers spend the least amount of money in gambling activities in entire Canada.

Lotto Quebec has many firsts to its credit. It is the first lottery corporation in the world to start and operate the terminal based lottery network. It is also the first to market teleactive lottery in the world. Some of the multi media products developed by lotto Quebec have received world wide recognition. ‘Treasure Tower’ a multimedia product developed and patented by one of its subsidiaries ‘Ingenio’ rocked the traditional lottery market when it was first introduced. Today this product has developed games that have found markets in North America and Europe. Lotto Quebec is known for its casino management systems and is recognized the world over for its expertise and know how.

Lotto Quebec operates three main products lotto649, Quebec 49, and Extra. Lotto 649 and Quebec 49 are similar but the only difference is that Quebec 49 can be played by residents living within the lotto Quebec jurisdiction. However, visitors can play the game but they have to claim the prize in Quebec lotto jurisdiction only. In both types of games the player chooses six numbers from 1 – 49 and a bonus number. The winning combination is declared twice a week and players have to match 6/6 to claim the jackpot. The first prize is awarded to the ticket which has 5/6 numbers plus the bonus number. Smaller prizes are also awarded to players who match 5/6, 4/6, 3/6, and 2/6 + bonus number.

To play the ‘Extra’ the players have to pay an additional dollar. When a player opts to play the ‘extra’ the lottery terminal prints a six or seven digit number on the ticket and if six out of seven numbers match, the player is entitled to win an amount ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

Like all lotteries lotto Quebec 649 is a game of chance, however it is fun to play.

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