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Turn every number into a lotto 649 winning number.

In lotto 649, it is important to have each and every number to match with the declared results if you want to hold the giant jackpot check in your hands. Although even matching 3, 4 or 5 numbers can also give you increasing amounts of money, the jackpot can by yours only if each and every number turns out to be a lotto 649 winning number.

Lotto 649 differs from its other variants such as hoosier super lotto and lotto super7 among many others. It also varies slightly when played across different countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Africa or even Asia. For example, in Canada you can play lotto 649 for 2 dollars in which you need to purchase a ticket and mark out 6 numbers between 1 and 49. If all the 6 numbers match to the winning numbers that are drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday night, then you could turn your life around with the minimum 3.5 million dollar jackpot.

Past results of the lotto 649 will prove to you that the numbers drawn as the wining numbers are random in nature. Thus, you too will need to choose random 6 numbers to mark in your ticket. However, the number of combinations that can be thrown up are so large that it is indeed very difficult to come up with these 6 winning numbers. But you can certainly increase your chances of winning by eliminating those combinations that might pose an obstacle towards your success.

You can start by checking past results and comparing it with the numbers that you usually choose for your tickets. If you observe that you are partial towards birthdates only and have neglected to mark higher numbers between 31 and 47, then this could severely hamper your chances at winning the jackpot. Ensure that you mark at least 1 or 2 numbers above 31 to boost your chances. Again, if you only enter odd or even numbers or even consecutive numbers, then by comparing them with earlier results, you will notice that you hardly have any chances of winning the jackpot or even the 2nd or 3rd prizes. Even forming patterns such as a square or a cross could severely restrict your winnings.

Instead, make it a point to spread out each number across the ticket. Play more than one game simultaneously to increase the probability of winning and keep an eye on any mistakes that you could be committing. Ensure that your ticket contains an equal number of odd and even numbers. You could also join a syndicate, club or pool to play with other players. This could help you to study a wide variety of strategies although you might have to share any allocated prize money with them. Remember to stay positive and play responsibly. These factors are sure to boost your chances of winning the jackpot.

Thus, the key is to think random numbers and by following these above tips, you can weed out losing strategies and ensure that each number turns out to be a winning lotto 649 winning number. Good luck.

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