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How to enjoy the game of lotto plus in Poland?

Lotto plus is a fun game that can provide you with great excitement as well as great prize money, if you do manage to win the large jackpot. Poland too, which was once under communist rule is now slowly emerging out of the shadows and there are various lotto games such as lotto plus that can be enjoyed if you are a Polish citizen or even through the Internet if you are not.

Poland has its own version of lotto plus known as Duzy Lotek or in simpler terms Large Lotto. This game is slightly different from lotto super 7 plus, supper lotto seven or other versions of lotto played around the globe. In this game, you will need to choose 6 numbers from a range between 1 and 49. If you are in Poland itself, you can play in the local currency, i.e. the Zloty or PLN or if you are playing an online game of lotto plus from another European country, you can convert the currency to equivalent Euros, Pounds or your local currency. The fee for playing a simple ticket is 2 PLN. You can place up to 8 bets on a single form. You can choose the numbers yourself or let the lottery machine do the choosing for you and pray that they turn out to be the winning numbers.

Results are declared now on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. If you want to play the online version of this intriguing game, then you will need to register with a particular online agent. You might also need to place a small deposit before you start playing seriously, although many Websites offer free games to let potential players try out the game and also to entice new players into the fold. However, do not join any online syndicate or pool without checking their credentials since if you or any other player of the pool gets lucky, then the winnings will need to be honestly shared between all the members.

Many online sites also offer software programs that claim to analyze past results to predict future winning numbers. Use these software programs only after getting genuine referrals and only after testing them on your computer. Since lotto is a game based on luck and random numbers, it is indeed quite difficult to predict future results, although some strategies might still help in eliminating numbers or combinations that might not bear fruitful results at all.

You can win smaller prizes even if you guess 3 numbers correctly and the amount increases as you reach 5 correct numbers. But the actual jackpot can be yours only if you guess all the 6 numbers correctly and if there is no other winner with the same numbers then you could enjoy the entire jackpot all by yourself. However, if you are playing online lotto while sitting in another country, then you might have to pay the local Polish Taxes as well as taxes in your own country.

Thus, you too can play lotto plus while sitting in your own country and with the Polish economy opening up and with so many Poles too now in a position to engage in this favorite past-time, it is just a matter of time that lotto plus soon catches up with other lotto games around the world.

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