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If you have been buying lottery tickets for all your life and have never won anything substantial than the occasional free ticket, you are not alone there are millions of people like you who are waiting to be declared the lotto 649 winner.

But life always has a way of throwing surprises at you when you least expect them. Like it happened in Ontario, when two groups from Ontario won a whooping $40 million jackpot when they were least expecting it. This happened in the middle of June, 2007. The funniest and craziest part of this whole saga is that they come from the same part of Ontario, southern Ontario.

The first group came forward and claimed the prize immediately while the other group came in later. Maybe they were a bit more shell shocked than the first group. So, what is it in the waters of the springs or rivers that flow through Ontario, that, two groups from the same part of town were able to draw the correct winning numbers? We don’t know but what we do know is if you want to be a lucky lotto 649 winner you need to drink gallons of it.

A week earlier to this astonishing draw a 55 year old racetrack worker who was on disability took home a cool $37 million cheque. This was the biggest single biggest lotto 649 winner in Canadian history till that time. A week prior to this guy on disability won the whooping jackpot a Barrie couple were lucky enough to bag $32 million.

A few weeks earlier a lady who had just lost her husband pocketed a staggering $10.3 million and she shared the prize with another family from Ontario who received the same amount. And in the third week of May, 2007 a lucky truck driver won $15 million.

Now do the math, a whooping $108 million were won by locals who lived not far from each other, all within a span of two months. Although winning a lottery is akin to be struck by lightening twice at the same location it still cannot be ruled out.

So, don’t give up hope and keep buying those tickets and use sound commonsense strategies to improve your chances of bagging the big prize. Even if you don’t get the jackpot there are chances that you might win a free ticket and who knows it could turn out to be your lucky one.

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