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Let’s be clear about one thing there is no definite system by which you can predict a set of lotto 649 winning numbers. The system is too hard to beat and the winning numbers are drawn randomly making it impossible to predict which numbers stand the greatest chance to be drawn as the winning combination. The odds of anyone playing a single game are millions to one. However, there is a certain method by which you can improve the odds of winning the mega million jackpots but you still will have to rely on your judgment and luck. What can be done in such a situation is to improve odds to such an extent that you may win a lot of small prizes without loosing a fortune in lotto.

The best strategy is to avoid the obvious mistakes that other people make while choosing the lotto 649 winning numbers. Generally people pick numbers randomly or go by the quick pick method where the computer randomly chooses the numbers for you. If you follow this method you may never get the lotto 649 winning number right. It is better to follow a systematic approach no matter how flawed it is, as it surely increases your chances of winning. Choosing numbers based on birthdates or superstitions is recipe for disappointment. This is because it has been proved that many people have played the game using their family or friend’s birthdates or birthdates of famous personalities like Elvis’s and never won anything substantial.

The only strategy that can yield some success is using past or historical data to select the winning combination. There are several websites that have huge volume of information on past winning numbers. What you should do is, try and find out the numbers that are frequently drawn and shortlist them as hot numbers. It is recommended that you make a list of 14 or 15 such numbers and make combinations of such numbers. It is true that certain numbers have appeared more frequently than others and these are good numbers to bank on. Some people prefer to choose numbers that are drawn less frequently but this strategy has been proved wrong time and again.

There are several software programs like windows lotto pro which can be used to narrow down your search of winning combinations based on historical data. Once hot and cold numbers are identified you may use several combinations of the same numbers and play the game to improve your chances.

This strategy will not guarantee a jackpot win but will surely yield rich results to keep you interested in lotto. Many have used such programs to win small prizes like 5/6+, or 4/6, 3/6, 2/6+.
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