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Lotto players are often intrigued and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the winning combinations. As the odds are more than a million to one of you bagging the jackpot most players prefer to play the quick pick as they are too confused and decide to trust the machine to draw the numbers for them. This is a strategy that all serious players should avoid, as less than 10% of the winners declared worldwide have proved lucky with quick pick. There is more than the fun of gambling that you miss on if you use the quick pick option.

There are several ways in which you can choose your lotto 649 winning numbers and using mathematical models is not one of them. Some people are tempted to use specialized software to draw the winning combinations but till date no one has been successful in cracking the code as the numbers are chosen randomly. Even if software or a computer is successful in predicting the correct combinations they would be so huge in numbers that a person would require millions of dollars to play all the possible winning combinations making the whole process meaningless. Playing with this kind of strategy is a waste of time and money.

There are several methods of predicting the winning combinations that are being peddled on the internet but none of them is supported by science or mathematics. It is advisable to come up with probable lotto 649 winning numbers using some commonsense techniques and strategies. However, playing the game for the sheer thrill it offers is recommended. There are several strategies by which you can improve your odds of winning. The best strategy is to avoid the mistakes that most players make. First avoid playing numbers based on geometrical formations, as many players will attempt this method and if you are correct be sure to share the prize with many others.

The best time tested strategy is to study the historical data of lotto 649 winning numbers and identify at least 14 or 15 numbers that have frequently appeared in the winning draws. Once you have studied the data and zeroed in on the set of hot numbers you may make combinations of these numbers that you feel are likely to appear in the winning draw. Just take care that all the six numbers are not either even or odd. Also make sure that they are not in a series like 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. A judicious mix of even and odd numbers that cover the entire range from tens, twenties, thirties and forties is recommended.

Once you have a set of numbers it is time you play the game in an organized manner. If you buy five tickets everyday it is recommended that you buy 20 tickets once a week instead of playing everyday, this way you improve your chances or odds on the days you play. This strategy will not always yield great results but will surely win you enough small prizes that will keep your interest in lotto alive and finance your next games. But if lady luck smiles on you will be the luckiest man or woman on earth at that point in time.

Good Luck.

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