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Lotto 649 the most popular lotto game played all over the world

Lotto 649 is the most popular lottery version played in almost all the countries all over the world. It is also called as 6/49. Super7 is its most popular version and equally popular all over the world. Lotto 649 is typically very popular in Canada and other European countries like UK, France, and other west European countries.

In the beginning when lotto was first introduced it cost just about a dollar and the prize money was just over a hundred thousand dollars. However, today many countries have jackpots in tens of millions of dollars and sometime the rollover jackpot even exceeds hundred million dollars. Originally the lottery was played with the help of tickets and later on lottery terminals were installed at the retailer’s stores, however, these days lotto lovers can play lotto in the comforts of their homes simply by logging on to the internet.

Typical lotto 649 features include a selection of six numbers that the players choose from 1 – 49 for $2. The bonus number is also selected and when the draw, which is usually twice a week, is drawn the first six numbers are considered the winning combination and the seventh number drawn is the bonus number. Generally a machine with balls numbering 1 – 49 is used to randomly draw the winning combination and the bonus number; however, some lotto corporations have resorted to the use of computers to draw the winning numbers.

Lotto 649 has made many commoners millionaires and has turned the lives of many others. It is considered as a non addictive form of gambling. Since the winning numbers are drawn randomly there is no method perfected till date that can predict a set of winning numbers. Players who have been playing for years have, however, devised certain strategies and techniques to improve their odds of winning the mega prizes.

Some common strategies used by players include studying past records and identifying hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those numbers that appear more frequently in winning draws and cold numbers are the ones which rarely appear. The best strategy is to identify 14 winning hot numbers and make sets of these numbers and play the game. Another strategy that is commonly used in Europe and North America is the syndicate system. In this system a group of like-minded people get together and play the game using combinations of predetermined numbers. If anyone wins the prize the prize money is distributed evenly amongst the members. This system ensures that your risk is spread and you can bank on others luck as well.

All in all lotto 649 is good fun and one should indulge in it occasionally to test their fate.

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