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You stand to win a lotto prize only if you have played the game. If you are the recipient of an email that states you have won a mega jackpot without having played then you should immediately conclude that the sender is a fraudster. Your chances of winning only come into play once you have bought a ticket. However, if you have played the game and are not sure if you have the time to watch the results on live television at the designated hour then do not worry. In this highly connected world where bandwidth and high speed internet connections are a given, you can check the results online on any of the official and other non-official websites.

In fact, you don’t have to switch on your television sets to see the draw of winning numbers; it can be seen in real time on the official websites. Gone are the days when people waited with bated breath for the results to be declared on the television and if they missed it spent agonizing hours till the next day’s newspapers arrived with the results printed in them. Today you could be anywhere in the world and yet access the winning numbers of your favorite lotto game played in a province or country that may be thousands of miles away from where you are.

Almost all national and provincial lotteries have websites that are constantly updated and display the winning numbers, winning amount and the winner’s names. These websites also frequently announce the next big jackpot and the games that are available for players to play. There are also several non-official websites that have sprung up that offer value added services like probable winning numbers, strategies and tactics and historical data of the lotteries that are on offer. In fact some of the non-official websites are so rich in content that regular players prefer them over official websites. Most non-official websites have the FAQ section that is considered very useful by players, strategies and tips are also discussed and players often visit these sites to improve their chances of bagging the mega jackpot.

Another great thing about the non-official websites is that they have several links to websites that are related to lotto or lotto products like software to draw the winning combinations, managing lotto database, and historical data of winning combinations. Apart from accessing the results of lotto649, lotto 6497 and other lotteries these websites also feature inspirational stories of past winners. There is a ticker at the top of such sites that constantly displays the size of the jackpot as it increases by the minute. However, some websites require you to be a full member before you can access all the features, but there are other sites that do not require you to be a full fledged member to access this information.
In case you happen to win the mega jackpot or any small prize, do double check for the result on the official website as in case of a discrepancy in the declared results; the official website are considered authentic and genuine.

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