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Strategic tips to win the lotto super seven.

If you have played lotto in its various guises, you would have realized that although lotto results are based on random numbers there are still various strategies that could certainly help you to inch closer to the exclusive and elusive jackpot. Here are some strategic tips that could increase your match with the lotto super seven results.

Lotto has morphed into various forms such as lotto super 7 plus, lotto 649, lotto 47/27, lotto super seven, etc. Lotto super seven is played with great enthusiasm by Canadians and people residing in the provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Atlantic and Western Canada. The results are declared every Friday night and people wait impatiently after supper to check if they hold the winning tickets in the palms of their hands.

While it looks to be quite easy to correctly guess 7 numbers out of a range from 1 to 47, in reality the chances of getting 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 numbers right are extremely difficult. Here are some tips to be kept in mind when you are choosing the numbers between 1 and 47. Avoid choosing patterns such as the corners of the tickets or designs such as horizontal or vertical columns or the cross while choosing numbers since many other people might have done the same thing. Choosing only odd or even numbers or numbers that are based on multiplication, such as 3, 6, 12, 24, etc. are also virtually worthless since they are not exactly random numbers and will vastly lower your chances of winning the jackpot. Betting only on birthdays too will restrict you from 1 to 31 thereby giving the jackpot a miss.

You should make it a point to study past results but do not simply repeat the same winning numbers since the probability of history repeating itself in lotto is ridiculously low. Instead, pace out your 7 numbers equally around your ticket and ensure that there are sufficient odd and even numbers in your choice. Joining a pool or syndicate that is made up of other similar minded players is a good idea since along with heightening your chances of success, it will also allow you to observe the way other players play and learn from them. By dwelling into past results, you could also find out if any numbers are being repeated in an increased pattern or other numbers that have rarely appeared. This could enable you to make a calculated move, which although not perfect could just prove to be right on a lucky Friday night.

It is also important to play only if you can afford to since this is a game and not something where you can just gamble your earnings away. Play with a positive frame of mind and remember to have fun. Consider the prize money as a bonus to having fun. Remember to store your signed ticket in a safe place since you will not have access to the prize money without it.

These tips might not guarantee you the jackpot but can sure raise your chances of winning it. In the meantime, do not forget to have fun on your way to unimaginable riches. The lotto super seven is a tough game to win but with the right strategy and attitude, you can make the journey into a pleasant one.

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