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Strike gold at the cal super lotto.

Over the years the cal super lotto or the California Super Lotto has evolved into an exciting game that has hooked millions of people across the State. Here are some helpful tips that might increase your chances of winning gold at whichever variant of lotto that you play.

There are many variations in the game of lotto such as Super Lotto, Super Lotto Seven, Lotto 649, Mega Millions, Hot Spot, Daily 3, Fantasy 5, etc., and although many have very high value jackpots dangling at the end of the stick, the California Super Lotto has a starting jackpot of 7 million dollars, which keeps on increasing if there is no winner to claim it. This attracts a large number of players to try their luck at this thrilling game.

California Super Lotto requires you to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 47 and another Mega Number from a range of 1 to 27. If all your chosen 6 numbers turn out to be the winning numbers then you can first plan an expensive trip around the world among the many other things that you could do with the multi-million dollar jackpot prize. You could also win other amounts, albeit smaller if you match fewer numbers with the results.

However if you are a rookie or have not yet understood some of the finer aspects of playing this game, then here are a few tips that could point you in the direction of the jackpot. The first step that you could take is to join a pool or club that contains other players. This will increase your chances of winning as well as allow you a glimpse of how others play the game. By observing their strategies and mistakes, you could fine-tune your own strategy for the future. Remember however, that any amount that you win will have to be shared with the other members. Ensure that the other players are a happy lot and not grumpy since it is a game after all!

You can also play the game after paying heed to these pointers. Never choose consecutive numbers or simply odd or even numbers since the probability of winning on such numbers is extremely low. You should also avoid choosing numbers solely based on birth dates or anniversaries since you could miss out choosing those numbers that are over 31 and hence miss out on the chance of winning the jackpot.

Taking a trip to the past and observing the results of past games is also an excellent strategy since it will show you hot and cold numbers, i.e. numbers that appear frequently or only appear once in a blue moon. You should also space out all your numbers instead of bunching them together. Make sure that you have an almost equal mix of odd and even numbers. Playing more than a single game at a time will also help your cause. The above tips are sure to boost your chances of striking it rich.

Thus, even if you do not strike gold immediately at the cal super lotto, do not get disheartened but keep on trying. Even if you do lose some games ensure that your attitude spells out “I’ll be back”. Good luck.

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