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Go for the jackpot when you play super lotto in ca.

The California super lotto has won the hearts of not only Californians but also other people throughout the world. With the prized jackpot starting at 7 million dollars, it is no surprise that millions of players keep their fingers crossed when they play super lotto in Ca.

Super lotto is played in various guises such as lotto 649, super lotto seven plus, lotto super7 and many, many more as people around the world constantly endeavor to make the game even more exciting. Super lotto is also played energetically in Canada and other Canadian provinces such as Quebec, Western Canada, British Columbia among other countries and continents such as Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. In California the results of the super lotto are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday night and the tension of the entire week culminates into disappointment or whoops of joy depending on who has the losing or winning tickets in their hands.

To play super lotto in Cal, all you need is to just walk over to the nearest authorized lotto dealer in your neighborhood and buy one or more tickets costing a dollar each. On this ticket, you will need to mark 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and another ‘mega number’ between 1 and 27. If you do not want to choose the numbers by yourself, then you can even let the lottery terminal choose the numbers for you by opting for the Quick Pick option. Once you have chosen the numbers, you will need to sign the ticket and keep it safely with you.

You now have 9 ways of winning any prize money, the lowest usually being a dollar and the highest being either 7 million cool dollars or even much more if the prize has not been claimed in earlier games. This jackpot could be yours if your chosen numbers match all the 5 numbers and the mega number. In the past, many lucky players have seen their lives change dramatically after winning millions of dollars in the Californian super lotto. If you do win the jackpot, you will now be faced with a choice to opt for the annuity scheme that will pay you your millions in 26 yearly installments or instead opt for a single cash payout that could cut your winning amount by almost half.

There are various strategies, books and programs available in shops and over the Internet that promise to help you win. However, none of them can guarantee a win although some of them could help you increase your chances of matching more or all numbers with the drawn results. Many people also scan past results to compile data on future numbers. Anyway, the draw is always based on random numbers, thus it is very difficult to predict the wining numbers and this is precisely what makes the cal super lotto so exciting and unpredictable.

Thus, you can play super lotto in ca by either buying a ticket or even through the internet and wait patiently with millions of other players for every Wednesday and Saturday night to find out if your life too can change after striking it rich with the Californian jackpot.

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