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How to get help to get the right super lotto winning number?

It is quite difficult to match all the 6 numbers while playing lotto, although you do get some prizes if you manage to match 3, 4 or 5 numbers of your ticket with the winning results. Thus, it is vital to get all the help that you possibly can to get the right super lotto winning number.

Super lotto offers you a chance to choose 5 numbers from a range between 1 and 47 and another single number from a range between 1 and 27. If all your 5 numbers and the mega number match with the results, then you have done what most players only dream about and that is to bag the jackpot. This jackpot usually starts with a minimum amount of 7 million dollars, which keeps on rolling over if no winner is declared in a particular game. Results are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Super lotto also has various relatives such as lotto 649, lotto super7 plus, super lotto seven plus, etc., and no matter what version you play, you will still need all the help that you can get if you truly want your hands on the magnificent jackpot. The first step that you could take is to join a reliable lotto pool, club or syndicate where you could observe the actions of other more experienced players. Your luck too could take an upward turn if any other players win or even if you get lucky with some beginner’s luck. You will need to share whatever prize money is awarded on any of your own or other player’s tickets. This however, will be a true learning experience before you can get the confidence to venture out on your own.

Another help that is available is through books, CDs or other online programs. Although some of them are just people out to scam you, others are genuine products that could teach you a lot about the strategies to be applied while choosing the right super lotto number. These tips will also help you in avoiding un-desirable strategies such as betting only on consecutive numbers or choosing only even or odd numbers on a single ticket. Many of these programs use past results and try to predict future ones. Although none of them can guarantee a certain result, they can at least help you to avoid betting only on emotionally attractive numbers and might genuinely help you to win high-value prizes or even the jackpot.

Remember to check out the credentials of any book, CD or program that you like before you pay any money. Some online programs are available as a free download for a particular period. You could try it out to check if it is simple to use and whether it really delivers the money. If you start wining consistently after using the program, then you can purchase it and use it with the hope that one night it will lay the much-coveted jackpot at your feet.

Until that dream comes true, stay positive, play responsibly and use all the resources that you can afford to guess the right super lotto winning number that can enable you to win millions of desirable dollars. Good luck.

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