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How to turn your lotto number into super winning numbers?

The intriguing game of lotto and its various versions are totally dependant on your numbers matching the resulting drawn numbers. If your strategy has worked and if you have prayed hard enough, then you might be able to see your lotto number get converted into super winning numbers.

Even though the various variants of lotto such as Lotto 649, Lotto 47/27, Super Lotto 7 Plus, the Cal Lotto 649 and various other versions require the input of random numbers, it is still essential for you to choose your numbers with care. The Canadian lotto is also very famous and is also played in various provinces such as Quebec and Ontario among others. In addition Lotto has also entertained and rewarded players in the United States, Europe and Asia. While the versions might differ slightly in various countries the basic aim of all the players is still the name and that is to nail the lotto super winning numbers.

Thus, while lotto 649 might require you to choose 6 random numbers between 1 and 49, lotto super 7 will require you to choose three sets of numbers between 1 and 47. While some countries allow you to choose all the sets, others will allow you to choose 1 set while the other 2 sets will be generated automatically. You can also choose the Quick Pick option and let the computer do all the choosing for you. But the fun is actually in choosing your own numbers since this is where you can put your various strategies into action.

The key to formulating winning strategies is also to understand strategies that will fail to deliver the jackpot to your door. These include choosing consecutive numbers, numbers identical to very recent results, only odd or even numbers and numbers that are bunched together in one particular area of the ticket. These strategies will not bear high results and the chances of winning the jackpot will definitely decrease if you follow them.

Instead, join a lotto pool or syndicate to join forces with other players. The combined tickets will have a greater chance of winning substantial prizes or even the jackpot. Choose numbers at random while ensuring that they are a mix of odd and even numbers and are spread all over the ticket. Include birth dates and anniversaries but ensure that you compensate that with numbers on the other end of the ticket.

In simple terms, the more tickets that you buy and play concurrently, the higher your chances of winning prizes or even nailing the jackpot. You should also combine another strategy of tracking past winning numbers to help you choose your future numbers. By avoiding strategies that are not going to produce the required results and by playing only with amounts that you are financially comfortable with, you can certainly raise your chances of success.

Thus, the above tips can help you to turn any ordinary lotto number into super winning numbers and by playing wisely and responsibly you can look forward to a boost in your chances of succeeding quite soon. Good luck.

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