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Change your life with lotto super 7 winning numbers.

Lotto super 7 is the national lottery game of Canada and people from all over the world including Australia, USA and Europe can now play online versions while sitting in their own country. This game has a jackpot running into millions of dollars and hence has millions of people trying their luck in frantically figuring out the lucky lotto super 7 winning numbers.

If you too are interested in playing this game of luck and skill, you will be required to pay 2 dollars and choose 7 numbers between 1 and 47. You can also choose the Quick Pick option where the lottery terminal will do the choosing on your behalf and choose 7 random numbers. However, the actual fun in playing this game is when you yourself choose the numbers based on your personal strategy. You will also be allowed one bonus number. While in some cities of Canada you can choose one set of 7 numbers while 2 additional sets are chosen by a computer, other cities you will be allowed to choose all the 3 sets of numbers by yourself or allow the computer to choose 1 or more for you. There is also an add-on game called Encore that can be played for an extra 1 dollar.

If there are no winners in a game, then the winning amount is rolled on to the next game. This can prove to be lucky for some as 4 different winners found out when they shared the 37.8 million dollar jackpot in 2002. Results of lotto super 7 are announced every Friday night. Even though the chances of getting all the 7 numbers are quite low, you can still win varying amounts if you get 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers right. In 2007 a couple named Liz and Doug Kinsman won the super 7 jackpot and went home 27 million dollars richer.

If these stories inspire you to try your luck in this game, then make sure that you choose your numbers with care. You should make it a point to study the past winning numbers and choose your strategy accordingly. Study the mistakes made by others in the past and avoid them to increase your chances of winning. Even though lotto super 7 is based more on luck, you can still visit various online sites that offer advice and generate numbers that they think are most likely to pop up. Compare these numbers with your own strategy before making any decision.

You can also join up with other known players and form a lotto super 7 pool. This will widen your chances of success and in case any one in your pool wins the prize money or even the jackpot, then you can all be eligible to share that amount. Anyway, play this game only if you can afford it and do not forget to have fun while you do so.

Thus, even if it is quite hard to predict the lotto super 7 winning numbers, you can still try your luck with millions of other people and if you truly nail the 7 numbers then you can look forward to enjoying the rest of your life in absolute luxury.

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