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Make your wishes come true at the super lotto ca.

The super lotto ca is one lotto version that is actively played by Californians with the hope of laying their hands on the multi-million jackpot prize or even the second prize, which itself is in hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are new to this game, then use these tips to make your day at the super lotto ca.

The Californian version of super lotto is one of the many versions of lotto that is played all around the world such as lotto 649, lotto super seven plus, lotto super7, etc. In this game, you will have to choose 5 numbers from one group of numbers ranging from 1 to 47 and another Mega Number from another group of numbers that range from 1 to 27. Thus, it is also known as lotto 47/27. The results are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday nights and the minimum jackpot is $7 million, which rolls over in case there is no winner in a particular game.

You can choose the numbers yourself or let the lottery terminal choose them for you by selecting the Quick Pick option. However, if you truly want to have fun in playing this intriguing game, then it is best that you choose your own numbers. You can also play more than one game simultaneously, which will enhance your chances of winning. There are 9 ways by which you could win amounts ranging from loose change to the much dreamt about jackpot. In order to win the jackpot, you will need all your 5 numbers and the mega number to match with the winning results.

This version is slightly different from the games played by Canadian citizens and its various provinces such as Quebec, Western Canada and Ontario. However, the aim of the game is still the same and that is to reach out to the jackpot money. Some points need to be ingrained in your mind before you start buying those $1 tickets. The first tip is to avoid betting on consecutive, only odd or only even numbers. You should also avoid forming patterns such as vertical or horizontal columns or rows, squares, triangles, etc since it will not enable you to win a large amount. Stay away from the temptation of using numbers that are multiplied or added with fixed numbers or numbers that end with the same digits. Think random since that is what the results usually throw up.

Looking at past results will definitely help. Seek out numbers that appear frequently or rarely and base your strategy on those numbers. Play in pools or syndicates and with multiple tickets to increase your chances of wining. Choose numbers that are a mix of odd and even numbers. The cal super lotto has created a lot of millionaires in the past and you too have a chance at winning the jackpot in the future if you play sensibly and responsibly.

The super lotto ca is a game to be enjoyed and by paying heed to the tips mentioned above, you can certainly increase your odds of winning and if lady luck supports you on a Wednesday or Saturday night, then you could truly watch your wishes come true. Good luck and bet safely.

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