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Stop and think before you choose that super lotto number.

Although just like any other lottery game, super lotto too is considered as just a game of chance, luck, fate, fortune or any other similar term, if you consistently follow a flawed strategy that is certainly money gone down the drain. It is vital to stop and think before you choose that super lotto number since each correct number will take you closer to the much desired jackpot.

You will find various expert tips in the form of articles, books, online blogs and even online software programs that claim to hold the secrets to open the doors of instant wealth. Many of these claims are based on formulas that hold the key to locking on to the right numbers that could enable you to win thousands or even millions of dollars. However, there are no guaranteed strategies since that would simply make playing super lotto useless if everyone would just start turning up with the jackpot winning numbers.

Lotto is excitedly played all around the globe and is especially popular in California, Canada and its various provinces such as British Columbia, Western Canada and Quebec, Australia and many other countries. It is also played in different ways such as lotto super seven plus, super7 lotto, lotto 649, lotto 47/27, etc. The aim however is to get all the numbers, which depending on the game could be 6 or 7, right, in order to win the multi million dollar jackpot.

Super lotto will require you to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 47 and an additional number from a range of 1 to 27. If your chosen 6 numbers are the same as the winning numbers that are drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday night, then you win the life-changing minimum 7 million dollar jackpot. This jackpot could swell up quite a lot if there are no winners in a previous game.

With a game costing only 1 dollar and with the stakes on the other side incredibly high, you will need to choose each number with great thought and care. Study past super lotto results to get a feel of the numbers that have made it to the draw. Since the machine chooses random numbers, make it a point to choose random numbers that are a blend of odd and even numbers spread evenly across the ticket. Stay away from the temptation of choosing consecutive numbers, numbers that form designs on the ticket or numbers that are exactly the same as past winning tickets.

If birthdates of loved ones could bring you luck, then use these numbers but also remember to add at least 2 numbers between 31 and 47. You could also join or form a pool of like-minded lotto players to increase your chances of winning albeit at the price of sharing your money if you have the winning ticket in your hand.

Although the ticket price might only be a dollar, by stopping to think before marking each number, you might stand a better chance at ensuring that each and every super lotto number turns out to be a jackpot winning number. Play responsibly and enjoy your game.

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