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Play to win by getting the super lotto plus winning numbers right.

If you love to play Super Lotto Plus, then you would have realized by now that it is no easy task of guessing the right numbers all the time. You might have guessed some of the numbers correctly some of the time but the bejeweled door to riches will only open only if you guess all the numbers right. However, it is certainly not impossible to get the super lotto plus winning numbers right provided you follow a winning strategy.

Super Lotto Plus follows the variation of 47/27, where you will be required to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and another single ‘mega number’ between 1 and 27. The player that gets all the 6 numbers correct can expect a juicy jackpot of a minimum of 7 million dollars and much more if the jackpot has not been claimed in previous games. There are also modest to extravagant prize monies to be won if you guess 3, 4 or even 5 numbers correctly. In fact, there are 9 ways to earn prizes with the topmost prize being the jackpot.

You can either choose the numbers yourself or let the computer choose the numbers by utilizing the Quick Pick option. You can also play up to 5 games on a single pay-slip. This will significantly increase your chances of winning. The results are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and you can check out the results after a satisfying supper. However, to get the numbers right in the first place, you need to examine a few strategies before you start buying any tickets.

While many people believe that the birth dates of their loved ones could prove to be lucky for them, they forget to factor in additional numbers after 31 and hence miss out from winning the jackpot. Do not make that mistake and remember to restrict the birth dates to the first 2 or 3 numbers only. Others try to choose numbers based on geometric patterns such as squares or stars without realizing that others too could be doing the exact same thing. The end result would be that too many people would be declared winners and hence would end up sharing the prize money that could result in a paltry sum for everyone involved.

Some people also love to form clubs or pools with loved ones or even with other professional players. You too could do the same in order to enhance your chances of winning but remember 2 things. Firstly check out the dedication and honesty of the other players and secondly remember that you will have to share your prize money in case you hold the winning ticket. 7 million dollars only for you is certainly different than sharing 7 million dollars among 30 other players.

Thus, whatever strategy you apply in your bid for the jackpot, make sure that you also study past results since that could give you some hints too. Although it is extremely difficult to correctly guess all the super lotto winning numbers correctly, it could still be quite fun in trying to do your best to do so. After all, that is what super lotto is all about.

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