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Super Lotto winning numbers can be drawn by following a strategy that increases the chance of winning and reduces the gamble.

If you review any lottery system from across the world you will find that there are a few numbers that are more frequently than others. So, how do we narrow down our search of those elusive numbers that frequently feature in the super lotto winning numbers list? Is there a science behind it or some kind of complex mathematical formula? These questions have been troubling a lot of people for decades and it is no surprise that at any point in time there are people who are trying to decode this puzzle. The good thing is that Europeans have been playing lotteries since ancient times and the earliest records of lottery can be found in the ancient roman history. Roman emperor Nero is known to draw lotteries to distribute gifts to his guests and admirers. However, in modern times lotteries have played a crucial role in reconstruction of Europe and several social causes. European lotteries are very similar to the ones played in the United States. Lotteries in Europe are regulated and mostly controlled by the national governments. The best part of European lotteries is that they are tax free and payouts are paid in one big tax free installment.

To narrow our search for the super lotto winning numbers one point that we need to remember is that there are fourteen numbers that are repeatedly drawn with a greater frequency. It is recommended that you make a list such fourteen numbers. Once this is done you may start constructing groups of six numbers. When making the groups you have to make sure that almost all the numbers in the group of fourteen numbers find a place in the six number game groups.

When you make six number game groups using the fourteen numbers that have appeared most number of times you mathematically increase your chances of getting the right combination. Your probability of hitting the jackpot is higher if you follow this simple method. However, it is only a probability and not a guarantee that you will hit the jackpot. Even if you do not hit a jackpot you will surely be able to make modest amount of money by winning three, four, or five winning numbers per draw. Another strategy is to use complex algorithms to your advantage, the Windows Lotto Pro 2008 software designed to help you in your quest for picking super lotto winning numbers. In case you try it it will be money well spent.

Good Luck.

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