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Use strategies to find the right super lotto winning numbers.

If you are an avid lotto fan, then you too could be trying to decipher the right numbers needed to win the jackpot. Even though various derivatives such as Super Lotto, Lotto 649, Super Lotto Plus, Lotto 47/27 and many more form part of this amazing lottery game, you will still need to figure out a method to zero-in on the correct super lotto winning numbers that could lead you straight towards the jackpot.

Many players think that lotto is not just a game of choosing random numbers at will but seriously believe that there are some algorithms that need to be followed to match your numbers with future results. These methods have not proved to be perfect but players believe that they hold the potential to turn out to be winners. However, it is still very difficult to predict the winning numbers correctly although there are some strategies that show promise.

In fact one winner used to consistently bet on the birth dates of his children. The day he made a mistake in marking the last number on his ticket was the day he won the jackpot. This proves that luck does have a major role to play in this remarkable game. There are a number of books and various software packages available over the Internet that claim to increase your chances of winning. While some methods use tracking methods to dwell on past results and predict the future, others use wheeling systems, which provide scientific combinations of probable winning numbers. Many programs also keep a track on hot or cold numbers and predict the numbers that are likely to be announced in future results.

You could take the help of such books and programs to boost your chances of success. But it is also important to remember that you will basically need to understand that whether the results are conjured by mechanical or computerized methods, the numbers that form the winning combination are usually chosen in a random pattern. Thus, choosing consecutive numbers, numbers that end with the same digits, numbers that are added or multiplied with a fixed number, choosing past winning results, only odd or even numbers or even choosing numbers that form a pattern on the ticket such as a cross or square should be avoided. Not only will you have a negligible chance of winning the jackpot, but even if you do win 3, 4 or 5 numbers, you might find a large number of players standing in line to share the spoils.

Instead, space out your numbers well between the required parameters. Use a mix of odd and even numbers and even if you do include birth dates or anniversaries in your ticket, make sure that you also have the higher end covered. Team up in a pool or club with other fellow members to gain insight into their strategies. And last but not the least, keep a positive attitude and play only with money that you can afford.

Guessing the right super lotto winning numbers is based on luck and strategy. When you do find the right combination between them, you are sure to be rewarded with millions or at least thousands of dollars that will make playing this exciting game definitely worthwhile.

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