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Guess the correct supper lotto winning numbers and help your State.

When you play Supper Lotto in any of its various forms, you are not only trying to raise your fortunes but you are also helping out your State to take care of its citizens. Supper Lotto lotteries are usually put into motion after getting a majority from its citizens, For example States such as California and Indiana passed their lottery act after their citizens voted in favor of the act. So, in your quest to find the right Supper Lotto winning numbers, remember that you are also helping your fellow citizens.

The income that is generated by the sale of these lottery tickets and the taxes that are collected from winners are utilized by various States to initiate or complete various projects such as providing computers and other important material for schools and colleges, and providing vital infrastructure for hospitals, etc. This means that the State manages to collect money for its citizens even as you and other players manage to have fun in finding the right numbers that match the winning results. Thus, whether you do win the jackpot or even if you manage to win other lesser prizes, you can still be happy in the thought that a substantial amount is taken out of the lottery system and channeled towards people that actually benefit from it.

However, your aim should still be to win the jackpot, since choosing and marking the numbers that could lead you to untold riches is the fun part of playing the various derivatives of Supper Lotto such as Lotto 649, Supper Lotto 7, Supper Lotto 47/27, Hoosier Lotto and Supper Lotto Plus among others. In order to lock in the winning numbers, you should have a thought process that matches to the computer that throws up the random numbers or the mechanical gadget that throws up the winning balls.

You can start by avoiding consecutive numbers, odd and even numbers, numbers ending with the same digits or numbers that are confined only to the upper or lower end of the tickets. You should also avoid forming patterns on the tickets such as rectangles or triangles since the chances of sharing the prize money with similar thinking players will increase to a large extent if you do manage to win.

The key to success is to choose odd and even numbers spread out across the ticket. You should also track past winning numbers and analyze them to find out the hot and cold winning numbers. You can also try out various programs and wheeling formulas that promise success. Although there is no guarantee of success, you could find them to be useful if you are confused. You can also join a pool of other Supper Lotto players to enhance your luck.

Thus, by trying to guess the right supper lotto winning numbers, you are not only trying to propel your future into greener pastures, but you are actually helping out the weaker sections of society every time you buy a ticket or win a prize. So, keep up the good work. Play responsibly and all the best.

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