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Things to do when you win the super lotto jackpot.

You might have dreamt about winning the super lotto jackpot many times over but in case you do win the jackpot, here are a few things that you could do instead of floundering like a moose caught in a car’s headlights. Winning the super lotto is sure to change your life but it is essential that it changes for the better.

The first thing to do when you purchase any lotto ticket, be it the lotto super seven plus, the lotto 649, the lotto 47/27 or the lotto super7, is to sign and store the ticket in a safe and dry place. You will not be given the jackpot unless you produce a clear and eligible lotto ticket. Once you do realize that you have won the jackpot, depending on the rules and regulations and the country and state in which you have bought the ticket such as Europe, Canada, Quebec, Ontario, California, etc., you might need to disclose your identity and pose for the benefit of the relevant authorities or you could also remain anonymous. If you can keep your winnings a secret then it would be better, but if you do not have any choice, then you might just as well enjoy the short ride in the limelight.

You might be given a choice in claiming your jackpot money on an annuity basis spread over around 25 to 30 years or you could claim the money as a lump-sum cash award, which would unfortunately be around half of the total annuity amount. However, it would be better to stake your claim on the one time option and invest the money in different ways so as to receive a fixed or variable income every year. If you have any debts to be paid off, then that should be the first one to be crossed off your list so that you are free from any unwanted interest burden.

Another important action to take before taking any hasty decision is to take off on a well-deserved vacation, where you can calmly think about your future without any pressure. Many winners had put most of their money in banks and invested some of their money in property, stocks, mutual funds, etc. Many of them also gave a part of the money to their loved ones and also donated a portion of their winnings to charity. You too could do the same thing. Remember to hire a trusted financial consultant that can help you to invest your money wisely and keep you aware of the tax implications in the future.

Splurging all your money on parties, cars or developing an addiction to drinks or drugs is a strict no-no since you will definitely end up in a worse state than before. If lady luck has smiled upon you and showered you with immense wealth, make it a point to invest and spend it wisely so that it multiplies over time. Try to maintain control over your money instead of getting spoilt by the availability of easy money.

After the initial whoops of joy, the dancing and partying ensure that you sit down calmly and plot your future wisely with your new-found wealth. Super lotto has the power to change your life around but thereafter it is upon you to lead it sensibly in order to live happily-ever-after.

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