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Various ways to receive your super lotto results.

Super lotto is enjoyed by millions of residents around the world and the advent of new technology has made playing this game and viewing the results into a simple but exciting affair. Once you have your ticket or tickets in your hand, then there are various ways in which you can check out your super lotto results.

Super lotto is played in innumerable countries, cities and provinces around the world. Unlike other older lottery formats, super lotto in its various guises such as lotto 649, lotto super7, super lotto seven plus and many more, uses technology to sell the tickets, receive the inputted numbers in those tickets and ultimately announce the results. Super lotto results are declared at around 8.00 pm on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and players wait impatiently to check if their numbers match the drawn 6 or fewer numbers, thus making them eligible for the ultimate jackpot prize or even other prizes.

While super lotto is played in California, Canada and other Canadian provinces such as Western Canada, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, Australia, Africa and even Asia, most of these countries follow similar formats while declaring the super lotto results. All these countries use computers and various other media to declare the results at a faster rate and with minimized chances of errors.

While some people might simply turn on the television and watch the live draw of the super lotto results in their city, others prefer to surf the net and log on to those sites that display the results as soon as they are declared. However, if you are checking the results on unofficial sites, then remember to cross-check them to avoid disappointment or to prevent the throwing away of your winning ticket. You can also tie-up with certain websites that will email the lotto results to your email address. Some sites also offer the facility of sending you the results in the form of a text message over your mobile phone. However, if all these hi-tech methods are not suitable or available in your city, then the alternative low-tech method is to just walk down to your nearest super lotto retailer and check out the winning numbers yourself. Remember to store your ticket in a safe place and sign it on the back so that in case you are declared the winner, you do not have any trouble in claiming your prize money.

Similarly, you need not go to any super lotto retailer to play your game. There are many websites that offer you the convenience of playing super lotto from the comfort of your own home. However, it would be better to verify the authenticity of such sites before you hand out your credit card number details to them so that you do not fall prey to any of their scams in the future.

Thus, there are various methods by which you can access your super lotto results and depending on the city in which you reside or play your game, you could use any of the above methods to find out if your super lotto results have managed to turn you into an instant multi-millionaire.

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