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Once you have won a jackpot you life surely changes. Whether it changes for good or bad completely depends on how and where you spend your winnings. Stories of lotto winners make an interesting read and prove to be an eye-opener to future lotto winners. The saying “the more things change the more they remain the same” has often been found to be true when tracking the lives of some of the biggest lotto winners. Winning the jackpot is no ordinary event and offers individuals a chance to touch the lives of countless others who are not so fortunate.

How often have we seen people having won the 649 jackpot declare, with a bottle of champagne in hand, that a jackpot win is not going to change them one bit. However, the fact is more than half of those who won 649 jackpot moved to a bigger house in the countryside. More than two thirds of the winners gave more than £ 1 million to a close friend or a relative. More than two thirds of all big lotto winners own property overseas. 90% of the big time lotto winners were in the workforce when they won, however, only 25% are still working. Most lotto winners have brought more than one luxury car. Almost all winners continue to play the 649 lotto even today.

The year was 2005; Brad Duke of Idaho was leading a normal life when lady luck smiled on him. Brad was working as a manager for Gold’s Gym franchises when he hit the $220 million Powerball jackpot. Brad pocketed an astounding sum of $85 million as his share of the jackpot and immediately went about managing his finances. Within a month of winning Brad put together a team of financial advisors to manage his new found wealth. His only aim was to be a billionaire by investing his money wisely. Brad invested more than half of his winnings in low-risk investments like municipal bonds. 35 million were invested in high risk high return financial instruments like stock, and real estate. He set up a family foundation and assigned $ 1.3 million, paid off his mortgage of $125,000 and student loan of $18,000, gifted each family member $12,000 and took his friends on a trip to Tahiti, the trip cost him a total $63,000. But perhaps the most astonishing fact is that he bought himself a used car, a black VW Jetta for $ 14,500. Today Brad is worth well over $140 million. Brad took some time off after winning but eventually went back to work at Gold’s Gym.

In stark contrast to Brad’s story is the story of a 19 year old Michael Carroll. Michael won a whopping £ 9.7 million in November 2002 but managed to blow all the money. Today he has no assets and cash and is back to where he was before winning. Michael didn’t take the advice of experts and well wishers and squandered the wealth that others only dream off.

These are some amazing stories of lotto winners. In case you happen to win a mega jackpot it is recommended that you enjoy the moment but sooner rather than later get back to earth and invest wisely.

Good Luck.

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