Lotto Tutorials

Special strategies to inch towards the winning lotto number.

Lotto involves choosing 6 or 7 numbers from a given range of numbers and these numbers are then compared to the winning results declared on specific nights of the week. These winning numbers are randomly chosen and even though it looks fairly easy, in fact it is quite difficult to convert each and every number into a winning lotto number.

Quite rightly so, since the jackpot involved is usually millions of dollars that roll over to become even higher if there are no winners in a previous game. With millions of players playing various forms of lotto such as supper lotto seven plus, lotto 649, lotto super 7, hoosier lotto, among its many versions, the fact that any ticket could turn out to be the winning ticket is what eggs on players to keep on playing in the hope that they get lucky. There are minor variations in the style of playing these games in various countries, but the aim of all the players’ simply remains to guess the correct numbers and take home the multi-million dollar prize money.

However, it is important to realize that there are various strategies that could increase your chances at winning the jackpot. You should compare your present style of playing with these strategies to find out the flaws or if you have just started playing this intriguing game, then you could start following them right away. Firstly, avoid playing on only odd, even or consecutive numbers. The chances of winning on these combinations are even slimmer than the regular odds. Instead use an equal mix of even and odd numbers that are spread out over the ticket.

Do not club all your numbers towards one corner of your ticket by staying in twenties or forties but instead use single digit numbers, numbers in tens, twenties, etc., equally. This will increase your chances of winning if not the jackpot at least the 2nd, 3rd or 4th prize. A simple strategy is to play with more tickets in a single game. Thus, if you play with 5 tickets instead of just one, your chances of winning are enhanced by five times. Similarly, you can also play in a club or pool of lotto players to increase the number of tickets being played during a single game. However, remember to play only if you are financially comfortable and do remember that you need to enjoy the intricacies of this challenging game. A positive attitude will let you handle failure and success and is also a part of developing a winning strategy.

Tracking past results is also an important strategy since this method will supply you with ample data on which you could try to predict future winning numbers. The name of the game is to guess like the computer or the ball choosing machine instead of just choosing numbers that catch your own fancy.

Thus, these above strategies could help you to claw your way towards the jackpot and will even allow you to have fun while doing so. Use them to boost your chance of turning every humble number into a winning lotto number.

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