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Study the past to find the future super lotto plus winning number.

There are various strategies that players employ in their bid to win the magnificent jackpot but one method that could help out in finding probable winning numbers is by tracking each and every past number. Find out how a trek into the past could help you to hike your chances of finding out the right super lotto plus winning number.

There are various variations in lotto that are played and frequently won by people all around the globe. Lotto 649 is one such game where you will have to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49. However, super lotto plus too is actively played in many countries throughout the world. In this game, you will need to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and another single ‘mega number’ between 1 and 27. Get all the 6 numbers right and voila; you get the multi-million dollar jackpot. Each game costs $1 and you can also let the computer choose the numbers for you by choosing the Quick Pick option. However, this could take the fun out of the game and you might not be able to use your strategy in this option.

Before you sit down and choose your super lotto plus numbers, you should visit sites or read publications that show all the wining numbers chosen in recent past results. These charts will show you that some numbers have an uncanny habit of popping up regularly in draws while other numbers are too shy to appear in many results at a stretch. These are known as hot and cold numbers. Tracking past results will also show you that some strategies such as choosing only consecutive, even or odd numbers would result in money going down the drain. You will also observe that choosing numbers based on patterns such as a cross or vertical or horizontal columns too would not result in a big win because that strategy is commonly utilized by many players.

Tracking past results will also point out the mistakes that you could have committed in the past since comparing your numbers with the winning numbers will make matters very clear. You will need to think in the same lines as the computer or the machine if you want to win substantial prizes or even the jackpot. You will need to analyze past results and then try to predict future numbers that are more likely to appear. If you have difficulty in analyzing this data and finding the right numbers, then there are many software programs that could help you out in this regard. However choose one with care and after getting positive referrals. When you have a data bank of past winning numbers, it might certainly help you to predict future results. At least, it is better than simply shooting arrows in the dark.

Thus, by looking at past results and tracking the movement of hot and cold numbers, you could try to predict future results in an organized way. If all goes well, then you could certainly have a high probability of ensuring that each of your well-chosen number turns out to be a super lotto plus winning number.

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