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Winning strategies for lotto belge.

Lotto Belge or lotto Belgium is a game of luck but if played with some strategies in mind, could certainly boost your chances of striking it lucky and winning the multi-million Euro jackpot. With all players pinning their hopes on winning the elusive jackpot, it would certainly help if you follow winning strategies that could enable you to reach your goal at a faster pace.

Lotto Belge, Belgie, Belgique or Belgium as it is known in various dialects is quite similar to lotto 649, hoosier lotto, super lotto 7 or supper lotto seven plus which is played in various places around the world as diverse as Indiana, Quebec, Berlin and Colorado among many, many others. The aim of this intriguing game is to guess all the 6 numbers out of 42 or 49 numbers correctly and take home the jackpot. It is not a very easy thing to accomplish considering that millions of other players are trying to do the same thing as they pick out 6 numbers on their tickets. Results are announced on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and the corresponding jackpots are rolled over to the next draw in the absence of a winner.

You can play the online version of this game even if you are not situated in Belgium. There are many Websites that offer these games and by typing www and the name of your site, you can quickly gain entrance into the exciting virtual version of lotto Belge. You should however, keep some strategies in mind before you start wasting any money on strategies that will not bear much fruit. You should firstly avoid marking consecutive numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, since even if you do strike gold, you will still end up sharing the jackpot with many other players that have decided to try out this lazy strategy.

You should also avoid simply picking odd or even numbers or even numbers based solely on birth dates. Even if you do pick birth dates, ensure that you also choose one or two numbers over 31 to fill up the entire ticket. Do not choose patterns on your ticket such as a cross since again many other players would be using the same superstitious strategy. Even numbers that are just added to other numbers in a fixed method such as 6, 12, 18, etc. would not enable you to win a large amount of money.

Playing around 5 or 10 games simultaneously will also enhance your chances of success provided you have the financial strength to comfortably employ this strategy for a longer period of time. Play sensibly and do not divert funds that are meant to cater to other expenses. Playing with a pool or syndicate of other players too is a good strategy but will invoke sharing or any prize money that you win. There are also many books, CDs and online software packages that offer wheeling strategies or a number generator that could increase your chances of becoming lucky. Use them after confirming that they are genuine.

Thus, these above strategies might just provide you with a little push that could help you to get closer to the lotto Belge jackpot. Good luck.

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