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Improve your chances of guessing the right lotto winning numbers.

The game of lotto in any form is truly a game of luck. These games are based on random numbers and the player guessing all the correct winning numbers can look forward to a multi-million jackpot. But there are some basic facts that need to be followed in order to improve your chances of guessing the right lotto winning numbers.

Whether you play lotto 649, super lotto, lotto supper seven plus or even hoosier lotto that is enjoyed in the State of Indiana, it is very important to have a definite strategy that can positively increase your chances of winning. You can find lots of books, CDs or even online software programs that promise to boost your chances at wining the jackpot. However, some of them are not genuine while some have simply not done sufficient research into the past results of lotto to try and accurately predict future results. Thus, you should not spend money to try out their strategies without getting a few genuine referrals from players that have previously used them and benefited from it.

Some strategies that could certainly help you are to simply play on more tickets in case of higher value jackpots. This will certainly increase your odds at winning the jackpot or other prizes. If you play on only one ticket on larger jackpots, then your chances are reduced dramatically since larger numbers of people prefer to play lotto when the jackpot has rolled over several times and has swollen to a mind-numbing figure. This is one of the reasons why power ball games have larger jackpots since the odds of winning them are extremely less.

Another tip is to stay away from choosing strategies or numbers that many other players adopt. Thus, do not choose consecutive numbers, only odd or only even numbers, numbers with common last digits such as 4, 14, 24, 34, and numbers that form patterns on the ticket such as a cross, square or rectangle. Not only will you rarely win with these strategies, you will ultimately end up sharing the prize money with many more players that adopt the same strategy. Needless to say, it would be just a waste of precious time and energy.

Instead, concentrate on past results, which will allow you to track hot or cold numbers. This will indicate the probability of the most likely numbers popping up in future results. Also ensure that you have the right combination of odd and even numbers well spread out over your ticket. Play at least 5 tickets at a time if you can safely afford it. If you want to increase your chances of winning and do not mind sharing your prize money with other players, then join a lotto pool where your chances will get a boost and you will also be able to observe the methods that other players employ to reach their ultimate goal.

These above tips will not guarantee the elusive jackpot, but will certainly increase your chances at winning it. They will at least try to turn every number that you choose into a lotto winning number.

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