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Base your strategy on past winning lotto numbers in California.

The state of California has excellent adaptations of the lottery and if you want to play these games in California, then you sure do have a wide variety to choose from. One important strategy that can help you guess the future is checking the past winning lotto numbers in California.

After 58% of Californians approved the introduction of the lottery in 1984, there have been many games that have been introduced in the state while many of them have changed and re-evolved over a period of time. There are various exciting games such as Lotto 649, California Super Lotto, Mega Millions, etc. and if you love such games, then you could surely enjoy playing them on a regular basis.

The main aim in all these games is to match the winning numbers. While some games such as lotto 649 require you to choose 6 numbers between the range of 1 and 49, other games such as Super Lotto or Mega Millions will require you to choose 5 numbers between the range of 1 to 47 and a mega number from another set of numbers ranging from 1 to 27. If you manage to get all the 6 numbers right, then you can literally shower under millions of dollars. But to guess all the numbers correctly is not easy at all and the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 41,416,353. This only means that you need to formulate a winning strategy that could increase your chances of winning thousands of dollars in various prizes, if not the jackpot.

One strategic strategy employed by some players is to rewind to the past and observe the winning numbers. By observing and processing those numbers you can find out the numbers that have been repeated frequently and those that have hardly figured in the results. These numbers are known as hot and cold numbers and by effectively tracking the past results, you could try to make an informed guess as to which numbers have a higher probability of popping up during future results. Of course, these results are not guaranteed, but by observing the past data, you can certainly boost your chances of getting it right in the future.

This blast into the past can also help you to skirt past any mistakes that other players might have committed in the past. You can thus formulate your strategy in a stronger and more confident manner. You should also play with more than one ticket at a time since each additional ticket definitely increases the probability of winning. However, it would be wise to play responsibly and only treat it as a game.

Another method of increasing your chances is to join a club or pool of players that have the same strategy of tracking past numbers. Based on your collective strategy, you could end up winning a lot of money on another member’s ticket and vice-versa.

Although people employ different strategies in their bid towards the elusive jackpot, by studying the past winning lotto numbers in California, you can be in a better position to take a shot at future results. So, go ahead, dig into the past to strike it big in the future.

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