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The problem with Governments all around the world is lack of funds to finance various projects that they have in mind. While each project might seem very important, the government might be able to provide funds only for a select few. A new initiative initiated by the U.K. Government allows the Big Lottery Fund to grant the wishes of many such projects through the creation of the National Lottery.

With an annual income of around 630 million pounds, the Big Lottery Fund truly has a lot of money in its hands that can be utilized for various charitable projects that have helped not only the citizens of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales but have even crossed borders to various countries across the world such as Tanzania, which is in dire need of such funds. The Big Lottery Fund was officially created on 1st December 2006 and has since then granted millions of pounds to various schools, libraries, museums, parks, forests, hospitals and other similar organizations that would otherwise have floundered due to lack of funds.

The Big Lottery Fund collects applications from various organizations regarding their needs and provides grants after carefully assessing the documents and needs. It provides half the funds collected by the National Lottery through the sale of lotto and other lottery tickets. Thus, every time you buy a lottery ticket you can bet that a substantial portion of the ticket amount is diverted towards improving the health and wealth of various citizens all around the world. Be it lotto 649, ThunderBall or EuroMillions, a portion of the money collected by the sale of these tickets automatically turns into the income of the Big Lottery Fund and this money is distributed according to the needs of various charitable organizations.

Instead of just pumping money, the Big Lottery Fund also supports programs that impart vital skills and promote entrepreneurship ventures among people so that they can become financially independent within a short time. A new children’s fund provided to the Children’s Play Council will ensure that a sizeable amount of money is utilized towards shaping the young minds and bodies of tomorrow’s adults. On an average around 2 million pounds is distributed to various organizations every 24 hours. Thus, if you reside in the U.K. you can be sure of a project sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund quite near your home.

The Big Lottery Fund has also donated a significant amount of money to projects that help the disabled including the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly and veterans of war. This is one section where funds are usually hard to come by and where in fact the requirement is quite high and on a continuous basis.

Thus, even as you play your favorite lotto game and maybe even enjoy its various prizes, the Big Lottery Fund quietly works in the background to ensure that a large amount of the ticket money gets routed to the weaker section of society and for other good causes. So, whether your wishes of winning the jackpot come true or not could be based on your luck and strategy but every time you buy a lotto ticket, the wishes of many other unfortunate people do come true.

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