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If you play the lottery in any form in the U.K., then you could be having a lot of fun as you anxiously await your turn to lay your hands on the unbelievable multi-million pound jackpot prize money. In the past too, there have been many such lucky people that have had their lives transformed once they turned into lucky big lottery winners. However, there are a lot more winners than those that meet the eye.

One such incredible story is of Gary and Ann Henry, who ran a snack bar for eleven years in the Bishop Auckland Industrial Estate. Gary had been buying lottery tickets since the last 13 years and their luck turned for the better when they won the 4.43 million pound lottery on the 20th September 2008 draw. Their shock quickly turned to elation when the truth of the jackpot finally sunk in. They now plan to embark on a luxury cruise along with their big family and friends. They have also decided to give their snack bar to their children as they retire into financial bliss.

Another lucky couple turned out to be seniors by the name of Tony and Joan who scratched their way to a 100,000 pound win. The couple said that they were happy that the winning amount would help settle their bills and also enable them to take a well deserved holiday break. The couple, who have been bestowed with 3 children, 5 grand-children and 7 great grand-children also plan to spend some of the winnings on their family and their home. This sure is one itchy scratch-card that the family will not forget in a hurry.

Another lucky couple that raked in a cool 1.13 million pound jackpot prize was Colin and Tina Halford, who won the amount during the 18th October 2008 lotto draw. They were declared the winners after all their 6 numbers matched the drawn results. Colin, who worked at the Dawmill coal mine and Tina, who worked as a cleaner have since then retired happily even as Tina now plans to realize her dream by studying accountancy at her college. The couple also plans to take off on a luxury cruise. Both of them adore horse racing and Colin now has plans to turn into a professional jockey from an amateur one.

These 3 couples have a chance to fulfill their dreams after winning huge amounts in the National Lottery. However, there are a lot of unsung beneficiaries who also benefit every time anyone buys a lottery ticket. An ample amount of money from each lottery ticket is donated by the Big Lottery Fund to various charitable organizations who work tirelessly for the benefit of the weaker sections of society. Schools, hospitals, forests, parks and various other large and small institutions end up with large cash injections that filter down to people who need this money the most.

Thus, when anybody wins the jackpot or other large prizes by playing lotto or any other form of lottery, there are also others who benefit from other players who have not won any prizes. Hence there are a lot of big lottery winners that ultimately benefit from the sale of each lottery ticket sold in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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