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the big lottery fund with an even bigger heart.

Conceived in 2004 and happily delivered in 2006, the Big Lottery Fund merged two organizations into one very efficient, simple and active baby. This baby has grown rapidly and in fact now accounts for half the funds raised by the National Lottery.

The primary aim of creating the Big Lottery Fund was to ensure the speedy approval of grants and a speedier delivery of funds to the approved organizations. This was the agenda set by the U.K. Government and thus was born this life-saving and nurturing fund that immediately set off to accomplish the desired task. This fund generated income from the sale of every lottery ticket sold in England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland. This resulted in a fat kitty of 630 million pounds in 2007, which was then dispersed to various charitable organizations spread over diverse sectors such as schools, hospitals, forests, museums, parks, among many others.

Some funds were also allocated to social causes as far away as Tanzania. The main aim of the Big Lottery Fund was to make the money available to people who were in dire need of it. Thus, the money was used to expand museums, provide vital infrastructure and materials to schools and hospitals and to protect and revitalize important forests and parks. Each organization that requires a grant has to apply to the Big Lottery Fund. This can also be done online. The fund then scrutinizes each application and if it is satisfied, proceeds to pass the necessary grants.

If you play lotto or any other lottery in any form, then you should be happy knowing the fact that a vital percentage of the ticket amount ends up with the fund and is then re-directed back to benefit the weaker or unfortunate sections of society. With around 2 million pounds being distributed every day, you can be sure of a neighborhood charity that has benefited from the Big Lottery Fund. With a current addition being money delivered to the Children’s Play Council, this fund is truly set to win the hearts of all the people, young and old. The fund also actively donates money for the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped and even veterans who have survived the horrors of war.

Even if you do not reside in the U.K, you can still play different versions of lotto by just logging on to the nearest online dealer. However, make sure that you play lotto responsibly and ensure that it does not become a finance sapping habit since that could ultimately make you an undesired beneficiary of the very fund to which you are currently contributing.

Thus, the Big Lottery Fund has in its short period after birth, managed to touch countless lives by providing much needed funds that otherwise would have just been stuck in bureaucratic red tape. Truly, the Big Lottery Fund is surely a fund with a Big Heart.

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