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how to play the irish lottery

How to play the Irish lotto? Well, this is not a very difficult question to answer given the fact that Irish lottery is one of the easiest lotteries being operated in the entire Western Europe. The national lottery also called as “An Crannchur Naisiunta” is the nationwide lottery of the republic of Ireland. It was created in the year 1987 by an act of the Irish parliament to raise funds for various developmental, social, sports, and charitable activities. Since its inception the lottery has contributed handsomely to the causes that are close to the Irish people. The Irish lottery includes games such as 6/45, instant scratch cards, and television game shows. However, since 2004 the national lottery corporation has started participating in the transnational lottery EuroMillions game which is a very popular European lottery.

The Irish national lottery is administered by the An Post National Lottery Company which is a subsidiary of ‘An Post’ the postal service provider of Ireland. The company is headquartered in Dublin very close to the historic Abbey theatre. Playing the Irish lottery is a no brainier all you have to do is choose a combination of six numbers, you think will be the winning combination, and fill in your ticket at the retail outlet. If you are unsure which numbers to pick you can always rely on the quick pick option, the computer will then randomly select six numbers for you. If you have a set of numbers you feel will prove lucky for you may enter multiple draws with the same set of numbers. All you have to do is enter the number of draws you want to play. Each ticket is valid for one draw unless you are playing multiple draws.

The odds of you winning the jackpot or any other prizes are higher in Irish lottery as you have fewer numbers to choose from. Choosing 6/45 is better than choosing 6/49 which most other lotteries in Europe require you to do. If you are lucky and the numbers on your ticket match all the six numbers drawn then you are eligible for the jackpot prize, which is in tens of millions of Euros. There are two draws held each week; one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. The results are shown live on television and also displayed on several websites. Substantial prizes are also awarded to players who match 5 + bonus and 5 numbers correctly. Smaller prizes are awarded if you match 4 + bonus, 4, 3 + bonus and 3 numbers. The prize money is non taxable and is paid in one lump sum.

Players can use several strategies to win without depending solely on luck. Strategies to win include wheeling system and forming a pool of tens or hundreds of people to share the cost and the prize money.
The best way to play Irish lottery is to avoid common mistakes like playing geometrical formations or mathematical sequences. Relying on time tested hot and cold numbers is perhaps the best way to improve your odds of bagging the most coveted jackpot.

Good Luck.

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