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Irish lottery main page is one of the top ranked web pages on the Google search engine. Irish lottery main page is completely dedicated to serve visitors with all the possible information about Irish lottery. The website offers viewers all the latest information of Irish lottery. Past and present results are available at the click of the mouse and this site along with its blockbuster main page is very popular with lottery players who play the Irish lottery from different parts of the world. It is perhaps the only web page that gives the most genuine information about Irish lottery.

Subscribers who are members of this web page have the privilege of playing the Irish lottery without ever leaving the comforts of their home. Members just click the numbers they want to play and the web page administrators buy the ticket and mail them to the member before each draw. Apart from displaying latest results, the Irish lottery main page also gives useful suggestion on the likely combination of numbers that may be drawn in the next draw. It also demonstrates clearly how their suggestions compare with the drawn numbers of previous. The page unambiguously predicts whether the next draw will have a combination of 3 even and 3 odd numbers, or numbers from previous draws or the likelihood of numbers being drawn in sequence.

Members of this paid site can play Irish lotto, lotto plus1, and lotto plus2. Players enter their chosen numbers and are sent a confirmation by mail. The Irish lottery main page also sends notification of the winning numbers to its members. Jackpot winner’s information or any other substantial prize winner’s information is kept confidential. Payment of the prize is made as per players instructions. The entry fee for playing the game is inclusive of postage, agent charges and handling. Payment is accepted by Visa, Master card, Amex or by cheque/ international money order. The transactions are secure and safe.

Irish lottery main page also has useful information of the various email scams of Irish lotto that are doing the rounds. A very detailed explanation of how the scam works and the modus operandi is given which is immensely useful to the gullible members. A section titled latest news features all the latest happenings in Irish lottery.

All in all, Irish main page is a very useful resource that members can tap into to play the game safely and successfully.

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