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As an avid Irish lottery player you are aware that the winning draws are declared twice a week first one on Wednesday and the second on the following Saturday. There are several ways to find the latest lottery results and match the numbers on your ticket to the winning draw. The most preferred method is to watch it on live television. However, there is one more interesting way of finding the latest Irish lotto result and that is the internet. The television is the most reliable and reputed method but it lacks interesting features that the internet or websites offer. We are not referring to email there is an even faster and more reliable method of knowing the latest Irish lottery results and it is the official and unofficial websites.

Websites are the best because everything about the game is displayed on one single page. The results can be viewed from any part of the globe and are as accurate and authentic as the television. Detailed information of the game in question is available at the click of the mouse. All you have to do is direct the cursor to the relevant game and click the mouse once and you are taken to game you are interested in like plus, 6/45lotto, lotto plus 1, lotto plus 2, and EuroMillions.

Websites give you detailed information on the latest lottery results, current jackpot prize, odds of winning, hot and cold numbers, past winning numbers, payout details, frequency charts, etc. The database of past results is updated regularly and is very exhaustive. This database can be used by the smart lotto player to generate statistics about every past game and compare the actual results with expected outcomes.

The section on hot and cold numbers is especially helpful to plan your future winning combinations. Frequency charts clearly point out the numbers or combination of numbers that have appeared frequently and thus help you in formulating a definite strategy to play your next game.

Apart form displaying the latest Irish lottery results the website also has useful resources that make a huge difference when playing the lottery. Sections such as lottery news offer a fresh perspective and inform the viewer about all the latest happenings in the lottery world. The websites also has forums where members can chat with like minded players and learn a few tricks and tips to play the game successfully.

Lottery results can be viewed on the television, newspapers, radio, the internet, or the lottery retailer’s store. However, the internet scores over all other forms of media for the sheer volume of information that it makes available to the viewer.

Another interesting development that is fast catching up is the cell phone. Cell phone users get instant and accurate Irish lottery results after each drawing. Which media to choose to view the Irish lottery result depends on the individual, however, the internet stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

All the results displayed on the website are inspected before they are entered by professionals. However, it is recommended that you check the Irish lottery results on two different media before discarding the ticket or filling the claim form.

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