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Irish lottery is played not only by millions of residents of Ireland and UK but by many residents in North America and Europe. With the availability of bandwidth and high speed internet, playing Irish lottery and viewing results has become a walk in the park. Gone are the days when you purchased lottery tickets and sat glued to the television to watch the live telecast of the draw and in case you happened to miss it, you spent agonizing hours waiting for the newspaper to check the results. But today thanks to the telecom revolution and the progress made by post-modern society in the field of science and technology, you could be anywhere in the world and yet see the Irish lottery results in real time. There are far more options available today to check Irish lottery results than that were available when Irish lottery was first introduced in the year 1987.

Irish lottery is played in several countries and technology has enabled the lottery corporation to sell tickets and draw winning numbers all with the help of computers. Irish lottery results like many other lotteries are declared every Wednesday and Saturday evening. The event is telecast live on television and several websites also display the winning results in real time on their websites. In fact all forms of media are used to declare the winning combinations.

There are some who sit in front of the television with a prayer on their lips and wait with bated breath as the machine throws up one ball at a time, while others log on to the internet and surf several sites to get the latest information on the winning combination. Websites are updated by the minute and display the results almost instantaneously. If you happen to hold a ticket it is recommended that you check the results on at least two different media before deciding to junk it. Net savvy individuals are members of several lottery websites and they receive the result via email.

In case you do not have access to the television or the internet the best option for you is to walk into a retail store that retails Irish lotteries and check the winning numbers yourself. This is the most authoritative method of checking Irish lottery results as the retailer computer is connected to the lottery corporations’ computers and there is no chance of a discrepancy.

There are as many methods of checking Irish lottery results as there are of playing the lottery. However, always double check the results preferably on the official website before throwing away your ticket.

A note of caution; there are several scams doing the rounds and you are likely to receive a mail that congratulates you on having bagged the jackpot and asks for your personal or bank details. Remember that you stand to win a prize only if you have played the lottery. Be wary of such emails and delete them without any hesitation.

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