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The Irish lotto is an easy game to play but not a very easy game to win. But considering that the jackpot is set at a minimum of 2 million Euros that rolls over to fatten up after every undeclared game, it will surely pay off if you follow these tips to draw the Irish lotto draw towards your ticket.

The Irish lottery was launched in 1987 and has undergone many changes especially in the game of lotto, which is now played as the lotto 6 45. In other words, you need to select 6 numbers between a range of 1 to 45 and one additional bonus number. The jackpot can be yours if all your 6 numbers match the numbers that are drawn on the result night, which is held every Wednesday and Saturday. However, you can also win 25,000 Euros if you match 5 numbers and the bonus ball with the draw. Similarly smaller amounts can be won as you match fewer numbers.

There is no guaranteed strategy that can enable you to win the Irish lotto. On the other hand, these tips could certainly help you to avoid guaranteed failure or enable you to win higher amounts as prizes instead of smaller ones. 3 euros will enable you to play 2 lines of 6 numbers each. You can also let the terminal choose your numbers by selecting the Quick Pick option but that could rather take the fun out of playing lotto in the first place. If you are able to buy more tickets without feeling any financial pinch, then playing with more tickets simultaneously will certainly boost your chances of winning. You can also join a syndicate to dramatically boost your chances of winning the Irish lotto. As larger numbers of tickets try to match the draw, the chances of winning definitely do increase.

You should also avoid marking only odd, even or consecutive numbers on your ticket. Forming patterns such as squares, triangles, etc will also not bear rich pickings since if you do win a prize, you might have to share your winnings with other players that had the same idea. Tracking past results with advanced versions of the result checker is also a good idea to determine which numbers have a higher probability of showing up at the next draw of the Irish lotto. Again, joining a syndicate could help you to observe other players and follow their strategies if you think that they could lead you closer to the lotto jackpot.

The Irish lotto too has established a noble heritage of returning significant money back to the Irish people in the form of various charities that are used in diverse sectors such as schools, hospitals, sports, etc. The Irish lotto has thus fulfilled its social obligation to the Irish public. Thus each purchase actually turns you into a winner even if you do not win the draw.

These above tips might just tip the Irish lotto draw in your favor. While a lot of luck is also needed to win the exciting game of lotto, these tips will at least prevent you from making mistakes that could either result in a smaller prize or no prize at all.

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