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The key to winning any lotto game is to get your numbers to match the drawn numbers. By playing sensibly, praying excessively and using your finances to play Irish lotto responsibly, you can certainly turn your Irish lotto numbers into winners.

You can buy your lotto ticket from any retailer in Ireland. Alternatively, you can also play different variants of lotto from the comfort of your own home by logging on to the official website of the Irish lotto or any other trusted website. One of the more popular lotto games in Ireland is the Irish lotto where you need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 45 and one more additional bonus number. The jackpot is of a minimum value of 2 million Euros that rolls over in case no winner gets the winning numbers. With such high stakes, it is of utmost importance that you choose each number carefully.

There are several software programs available over the Internet that can help you track past results. These numbers compile data based on past results and after putting them through a complex mathematical algorithm, come up with a list of probable numbers that could most likely pop up in the next result. Although there is no guarantee that the system could work, you can try these programs if you are convinced that it can lead you one step closer to the jackpot or any other prizes in lower divisions.

Avoiding only even or only odd numbers will certainly help you beat the odds of winning. Consecutive numbers too have a very insignificant chance of winning. Forming patterns on the ticket such as a row or a column too is a bad strategy. Using birthdates as numbers could certainly prove to be lucky for you provided you add one or two numbers between 31 and 45 too. Playing with multiple tickets too will help, provided your finances do not get sucked dry in this costly strategy. A better compromise to playing with multiple tickets is to play in a pool or syndicate. This will increase the number of tickets and consequently the number of numbers that collectively mount an assault on the coveted jackpot. Although matching all the 6 numbers will give you the Irish lotto jackpot, matching 5 numbers and the bonus number too will win you a cool 25,000 Euros.

Thus, it is vital that you mark your numbers on your tickets after considerable consideration. One wrong number could be the bone that sticks between you and the multi-million pound jackpot. One excellent aspect of playing the Irish lotto is that the Irish National Lottery that runs the Irish lotto donates a significant part of your ticket money to various charities that help out those sectors that are desperately in need of vital funds. Hence if your numbers do not turn out to be winning numbers, you still are a winner in the eyes and hearts of all those whom you have touched through your tickets.

So, before you start marking out your numbers, make sure that you bear the above tips in mind. Choosing the right Irish lotto numbers will certainly propel your ticket towards the winner’s podium and the wrong numbers will only get you loose change. Good luck.

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