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The Irish national lottery was established in 1987 under the National Lottery Act, 1986. It operates and regulates various lotteries including a wide range of lotto games that can be enjoyed by the people of Ireland from any corner of the world. In addition to funding various charities the Irish national lottery also offers you a chance to win fantastic prizes.

The operations of the Irish national lottery are undertaken by the An Post National Lottery Company that has the license to continue till 2010 after which the Irish government will again invite fresh bids. The Irish national lottery also has an online website that displays and sells all its various games and provides the winning numbers and various other results for all its games. These are handled by GTECH Ireland, which has a contract with the Irish national lottery. Thus you can simply play different variants of lotto while sitting in the comfort of your room.

After a lot of hits and misses, the Irish national lottery currently offers lotto in different forms such as lotto 6/45, where you need to choose 6 numbers between a range of 1 and 45 and another single bonus number. If you are able to beat the odds and match all your 6 numbers with the drawn results, then you are eligible for a minimum jackpot of 2 million Euros, provided no one else has the same combination of winning numbers. This has increased the interest of players that were not very happy in the past due to a lower jackpot prize. The Irish national lottery also has 2 more games under the name of Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 that allows players to play 2 extra lines for 0.5 Euro per line as compared to 3 Euros for 2 lines in the lotto 6/45 game. These games are an add-on to the main lotto game.

Another lotto game that is hugely successful in Ireland is EuroMillions. The winning jackpots in this scintillating game can range from around 15 million Euros to a mind-numbing 183 million Euros. Even if there are many players that come up with the same winning numbers, the jackpot is usually so large that each player manages to take home millions or Euros. EuroMillions too has an add-on game called Plus, which allows players to win thousands of Euros for an extra charge of 1 Euro per line.

The Irish national lottery has also not forgotten its main objective of helping those sections of society that truly require funds to survive and flourish. The Irish national lottery has donated over 3 billion Euros to various good causes such as hospitals, schools, museums and many more since its inception in 1987. Unfortunately, the organization has also had to deal with various scams that have relieved innocent people of their personal details and even their money. The internet has unfortunately provided unscrupulous people a large degree of anonymity and enabled them to scam unknowing people although their antics are slowly being discovered and deciphered by many people around the world.

Thus, in its short history, the Irish national lottery has managed to entertain, reward and donate large amounts of money to a large number of people. Hence every time you buy a lotto ticket, you enable the Irish lottery to uphold its rich tradition of providing funds for different sections of society. Along with this aspect, you also stand a chance to simply win fantastic prizes at the Irish national lottery.

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