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An Post National Lottery Company operates the Irish lottery and is responsible for all the operations concerning lottery games offered in Ireland. The company is authorized by the finance minister of Ireland to oversee lottery operations after the Irish parliament passed the National Lottery Act in the year 1986. The Act was necessitated to give the Irish public a chance to enjoy the entertaining aspects of games of chance and also to generate funds for useful causes that are dear to the Irish nation. An Post National Lottery Company has done a commendable job and today the Irish lottery is one of Irelands most recognized brands.

The Irish lottery is one of the best administered lotteries in Europe and is considered to be world class for its operational efficiency and governance. Apart from providing Irish people with an avenue to engage in the fun and entertainment the Irish lottery has raised billions of euros that have been used to further Irelands socio-cultural interests. The Irish lottery is known for its transparency, integrity, teamwork and innovation.

The Irish lottery is very proactive and has responded to challenges in the market with newer and more efficient products. The dynamic and progressive management of Irish lottery ensures that it is ready to meet the future challenges head on. Professional standards are amongst the best and the lottery is seen as an example by other national lotteries in Europe.

The Irish lottery offers several games to players chief among them being the Lotto, Lotto plus, Monday Millions, Christmas Millionaire, Raffle and Lotto 5-4-3-2-1. Scratchcards and Telly Bingo are also offered and have gained immense popularity. Since its inception the Irish lottery has managed to generate more than €2.85 billion in revenue and a bulk of it has been spent on causes for public good. In the year 2007 Irish lottery raised in excess of €245 million breaking all previous records. The Irish lottery has contributed generously to several causes like the Bord Na Leabhar Gaeilge for the promotion of the Irish language, the Belturbet Rowing Club, Queen of Peace Youth and Adventure Club, The Irish Chamber Orchestra, The Waterford Regional Sports Centre and many other deserving endeavors.

The Irish lottery is considered to be the easiest lottery to win in entire Europe as players have to choose six numbers from 1 – 45 and the odds of winning the jackpot are significantly better than other comparable lotteries.

The winning numbers of the most popular lotteries are drawn twice a week; Wednesday and Saturday. The entire draw is telecast on the Irish television live and the results are also declared on several websites on the internet. The winners of the jackpot become instant celebrities and get significant media coverage. The entire winning amount is given in one lump sum and is exempt from all kinds of tax.

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