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the irish national lottery

The Irish national lottery is operated by the An Post National Lottery Company. The company is licensed to operate the lottery on behalf of the minister of finance in accordance to the National Lottery Act passed by the Irish parliament in 1986. The very purpose of this lottery was to provide the Irish public an opportunity to engage in lottery games that were both fun and entertaining. It can be said that this objective of the government has been successfully met given the immense popularity of the lottery. The popularity of the Irish national lottery is such that it has become one of the most recognized brands emanating from Ireland.

The Irish national lottery is a world class lottery that has been raising funds for several good causes on behalf of the government of Ireland. The Irish national lottery places a premium on core values and has been very successful in embodying the virtues of integrity, innovation, and teamwork.

The Irish national lottery is very fair, transparent, and honest in its operations and operates in an environment of highest professional standards. Quick to respond to market changes the business model of Irish national lottery is dynamic and progressive. All future challenges have clear cut plans chalked out in advance and the lottery is ready to meet any challenges that society or the business environment might face in the future. The Irish national lottery is essentially a big team that supports each member to achieve individual and collective goals and performs as a well oiled machine.

The games offered are Lotto, Lotto plus, Monday Millions, EuroMillions, Plus, Telly Bingo, Scratchcards, Christmas Millionaire, Raffle, and Lotto 5-4-3-2-1. The Irish national lottery has successfully raised in excess of €245 million in the year 2007; this money is distributed to several good causes and social activities around Ireland. The total amount of money raised so far for good causes is a staggering €2.85 billion. Some of the beneficiaries of these benevolent funds are Bord Na Leabhar Gaeilge, which is doing useful service for the propogation of the Irish language, Irish Chamber Orchestra, Belturbet Rowing Club, Queen of Peace Youth and Adventure Club, Waterford Regional Sports Centre and many others.

The draws of the famous Irish lottery 6/45 are televised live on Irish television every Wednesday and Saturday. The winners are given the prize in one lump sum within 48 hours and the winnings are exempt from all sorts of taxes.

The Irish national lottery is playing an important role in nation and society building and is one of the most recognized brands from Ireland.

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