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In 1994, the UK national lottery awarded the contract for running its national lottery to the Camelot Group. From its headquarters in Watford, the Camelot group has so far managed to create more than 2000 millionaires and additionally change millions of lives by providing funding to various charities as part of its good causes project. You too have a chance of changing not only your own life but also those of others by playing the lottery in UK.

The lottery in the United Kingdom is mainly played in the form of Lotto 649, Thunder Ball, Euro Millions, Lotto Hot Picks and also other versions of Instant lotteries such as Scratch Cards, etc. All the forms of lotto require you to choose from around 3 to 6 numbers from a given range of numbers printed on a ticket board. If all your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers, then you can be certain that your life will surely change once you have the multi-million pound jackpot in your hands. Even if all your numbers do not match, you can still win substantial amounts as prizes. The odds of winning the jackpot in lotto are 1 in 14 million but that does not stop millions of players from trying their luck at winning.

Draws for lotto 649 are held on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and people wait anxiously with their tickets in hand hoping to get declared as the next winner. This is the same situation for people in surrounding countries who play the Spanish and Irish lotto. You can also play various games of lotto on the international online version of the games, although the UK nationa website prohibits citizens other than those of the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man from playing. You can however, join a syndicate and try to play these exciting games through other Websites that can act as your local agents and play on your behalf. All you need is your visa card or any other credit card to start playing and winning. Do keep an eye out for any scam that unscrupulous people might try out on you.

The UK natonal lottery has also established a rich heritage of providing more than 2 billion pounds to various charitable institutions through its main arm, The Big Lottery Fund. This funding has provided vital infrastructure for schools, hospitals, parks, museums, etc. The nat lottery in UK has thus not only managed to provide tons of entertainment but also fulfilled its social obligations by providing money to not only English citizens, but also to other European countries and also to places as far away as Tanzania. Many charities apply for grants to the UK natioal lottery and after a thorough check; they can expect to get their grant accepted.

So, turn every boring Monday into an exciting start by buying lotto tickets and turn the page of your life for the better if you manage to win the multi-million pound sweepstakes. By playing the various lotto games of the lottery in UK, you will become a winner whether you win or not, since your money will be donated to good causes and will travel down the line to benefit those in need.

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