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The lottery UK offers various lotto games that have caught the nation in a betting frenzy. People from all over the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man are allowed to play these games by either buying the tickets of by logging on to the official website of the UK national lottery.

Since its inception in 1994, the UK national lottery, which is managed by the Camelot Group from its headquarters in Watford has introduced various versions of lotto that you can play even from the comfort of your home. With a choice of exhilarating games such as Euromillions, Thunder Ball, Lotto 649 and Lotto Hot Picks, you can certainly have a fun time while marking your favorite numbers on your ticket board. The results of Lotto 649 and Thunder Ball are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday night and the online version too displays the draw as soon as it is announced.

You can play these games from anywhere in the world provided you are a British citizen or a citizen of the Isle of Man. However, certain sites allow outsiders too to play and act as local agents on their behalf, thus making this an international game and providing everyone a chance of winning the sweepstakes. The odds of winning the multi-million pound jackpot are quite slim but the chances of winning smaller amounts if a few of your numbers match the draw are quite high. Hence each number counts and it is vital that you choose your random numbers with great care. The UK nationl lottery inc has a continuous program of displaying various promos in a bid to attract new players to try out their games. However, you should also be on your alert, especially if you are playing the online version, due to an increase in scams that exhort players and even non-players to part with their money and personal details in exchange for the prized jackpot that never materializes.

The UK nationl lottery on its part also has a fund set aside to help those in need of money. Through its main arm, the Big Lottery Fund, it provides funding for various good causes throughout Britain and also the rest of the world. This has established a heritage of giving to both winners and also to those institutions that are in dire need of money such as schools, hospitals, parks, museums, etc. Thus, the UK nattional lottery turns everyone into winners, you, the government and those that require funds to stay afloat.

So, all you need to donate to any charitable institution is to just pick up a lottery card and mark the numbers on the board. Have fun while playing and if you do win the jackpot, then consider it as a bonus from the lucky fairy and even if you do not win anything, accept the fact that a large portion of the ticket amount has gone to those that really need it.

Thus, the lottery UK has converted 2000 ordinary players into millionaires while at the same time provided funds of more than 22 billion pounds to various charitable organizations. So, go out and buy your lotto tickets or just log on and flash your visa card or any other credit or debit card and start playing your favorite lotto game. Good luck.

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