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As you play lotto in its various guises, you might be entirely focused on winning the elusive jackpot. But there is a lot more to lotto than just anyone winning or losing. There is a lot of activity generated before, during and after you buy a lotto ticket. Here is a sneak peak at the happenings behind the scenes at the UK lottery board.

The UK lottery board is also known as the UK national lottery board. This institution was set up by the British Government in 1994 to regulate the sales of lotto tickets and to re-distribute the earnings from it. The UK national lottery in turn appointed the Camelot Group to put its intentions into intense action. The Group has its headquarters in Watford and in fact is a private company with its board made up of 5 shareholders holding a 20% stake in it. These shareholders are Cadbury Holdings Ltd, Thales Electronics Plc, Fujitsu Services, Royal Mail Enterprises and De La Rue Holdings Plc. Its board too comprises of 1 non-executive chairman, 4 independent non-executive directors, 3 executive directors that have been hired to handle the company’s affairs and non-executive representatives that have been chosen from all the shareholder companies. The Camelot Group also has 4 regional offices spread across the United Kingdom.

The board also has a social obligation of providing funding to various charities under the good causes project. There are 900 staff members in the UK natinal lottery and the board scrutinizes every application that comes in from various charities that require funds for its projects. If it is satisfied with the merits of the charity, then the grant is approved and the money released through its main arm, the Big Lottery Fund. So, whether you buy a ticket to play lotto or use its online international version through any website, your money will still get donated to those that need it very badly.

Thus, even as you wait patiently with your marked ticket board on every Wednesday and Saturday night for your Lotto 649 results to be announced, another board is already at work to not only distribute the millions of pounds to the winner of the future jackpot, but also to provide funds for schools, parks, forests and museums, among many others in and outside UK. This truly is another aspect of a green, as in green cash revolution that has helped many people across the globe since other lotteries such as the Irish lottery and the Spanish lottery too have similar models in place. The odds of you winning the jackpot might be stacked against you but it is evened out by the rich heritage set up by the UK nationl lottery when it donates a large part of the ticket money collected from players like yourself.

Thus, the UK lottery board has succeeded in ensuring that while players have been awarded around 29 billion pounds since its inception in 1994, around 22 billions pounds have also been donated to the needy. It has thus managed in promoting the sweepstakes along with maintaining its programme of fulfilling its social duties. So, play your lotto games and have fun while the board rewards you with prizes and others less fortunate with the right funds.

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