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If you have been unlucky week after week and need to boost your chances of winning the sweepstakes at lotto, then maybe you need to join forces with other players that are facing the same predicament. You can either buy more lotto tickets at one time or join a syndicate to improve your chances of winning when the UK lottery results are declared.

It might not be financially viable for you to buy 30, 40 or even 50 tickets at one time. A lot of time will also be wasted as you sit to fill out each ticket board and ensure that there is no duplication in your cards. Although your chances of winning the big jackpot will definitely increase, it might not be very practical to play with more than 10 tickets at one time. A cost effective idea would be to join a syndicate where you will only be playing on fewer tickets but will receive the prize money even if another player of the syndicate holds the winning ticket.

Although this effectively means that you will need to share the prize money, you will definitely stand a better chance at winning more prizes in the first place. The main advantage is that you will be able to launch a united bid on the jackpot. If you usually play Lotto 649 and join a syndicate with 49 members, then instead of 6 numbers you will only need to match 5 numbers since 1 number will automatically be mathematically included in your syndicate by covering all permutations. This effectively means that you only need to match 2 numbers instead of 3 for the minimum prize money. Similarly in Euro Millions you will only need to choose the 5 main numbers since the 2 lucky star numbers will be automatically included in your ticket. This is quite easily done by any syndicate organizer.

The online versions of syndicates offer ease of membership and distribution of money. You can log on to any trusted website and play the international versions of all lotto games. While each online promotion offers a program that could suit your style of playing, it would be better to check the authenticity of the site that you propose to join since if the faceless people behind the site want to scam you, then they could have access to your personal details and your visa or other card details too, which could easily be misused to harm you. If you join a Lotto 649 syndicate, then all the concerned members could collectively wait for each Wednesday and Saturday night to check out the winning results and compare the results with their cards using the number checker.

Even as you bear the financial fruits of joining a syndicate, be happy with the thought that the Camelot Group, which manages the operations for the UK national lottery from its headquarters in Watford, provides huge amounts through the income collected from lottery ticket sales as funding for various charities in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world too. This noble heritage has thus managed to enable funds to reach out to financially weaker sections of society.

Thus, you can dramatically increase your chances at winning the jackpot when you join forces in a syndicate. Your ticket money too will travel down the line to help needy sectors in society. So, instead of playing like the lone ranger, join the A-team and increase your chances of getting better UK lottery results.

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